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Admission Essay Writing

Analysis of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM): Ginger

Complementary medicine is treatment procedures used in addition to the standard medication. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, is health care procedures used instead of using conventional medicines. Approved conventional drugs have to go through a scientific research process and therefore is proven safe and effective for consumption by patients before putting it to use. Complementary and alternative medicines do not have to go through any research, and therefore patients take them without identified risks and safety measures. They include dietary supplements, herbs, special tea, massage, and spiritual healing.

It is essential to evaluate complementary alternative medicine before applying them because research on some has proven several risk factors if they are put to use. Many individuals have moved from using standard approved medication to complementary and alternative treatment procedure because of the claims that scientifically researched drug has lots of chemicals which impact their bodies negatively.

They have therefore decided to use natural treatment procedures with a perception that they have no hazardous effects which are a wrong perception.

For instance, Ginger is used as an alternative medication for stomach problems. Some of the stomach challenges include diarrhea, nausea by cancer treatment, motion and morning sickness. The illnesses are cured in some patients and not in others which makes the treatment procedure unpredictable.

The main problem with taking alternative and complementary medicine is the uncertainty of the outcomes and how different individuals will react to the treatment process. Ginger is safe when taken correctly by mouth or applied successfully on the skin. There are some secondary health care conditions which limit the intake of ginger. For example, ginger contributes to an increased rate of bleeding which makes it dangerous to consume it with a bleeding disorder.

Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Due to the increased usage of ginger as a medication in the society, medical scientists have been forced to carry out research to identify the side effects and benefits of the plant. Therefore, to avoid overdose and underdose, they came up with procedures for designing dosage each particular illness. For nausea, I gram of ginger per day divided into two dorses which are taken in thirty minutes interval for fourteen days. Morning sickness is treated by 1000grams daily in four divided doses in 3 weeks. Ginger usage has been helpful in keeping the community safe at affordable and available medication.

Analysis of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM): Ginger

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