An overview of your internship and the company

An overview of your internship and the company

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Case Study Portfolio

For this assignment, you will be doing a case study of your job. You will take real-world experience and combine it with some research to create a portfolio that meshes reality with theory. One of the biggest things I will be looking at here is your ability to synthesize information and correctly use academic writing and citation. You will need to do some research and incorporate that information into your writing. You need to have at minimum 2 sources for each piece of this portfolio, so a total of 8 sources for the entire portfolio.

Some of the topic choices are things that we may have touched upon in Journals or Discussion posts. You may choose to use some of the information that you have already written for those previous assignments, but with revisions that are appropriate to this assignment. Otherwise, you will be writing fresh.

There will be several working parts to this assignment. You will work on them for the first half of the semester. The due date for the completed portfolio will be Sunday, June 24th by 11:59 pm. I have given you several choices of things that you may include in your portfolio listed below. Please choose 4 of them to include in your portfolio. Each piece of your portfolio should be at minimum 400 words, for a total of 1600 words (not including works cited).

An overview of your internship and the company. (This MUST be one of your four parts of the portfolio)
Process Improvements- How is this company working to improve processes? Are there any processes that you are currently helping to streamline or change within your department?
Hiring and Onboarding
Communication Strategies
Use of Technology
Strategy Planning/Long Range Planning
Employee Comfort/Recreation in the Workplace
Remote Work
Other- if you want to research something else, you must have me approve the topic before you begin writing
You will also have a works cited at the end of your portfolio that includes all of your research articles that you used. Please keep in mind that you need to use MLA or APA clearly throughout, including in your works cited. Case Study 1: Reducing Disease Risk[1]

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