Antecedent and Consequence

Antecedent and Consequence

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Antecedents are defined as the events or attributes that must arise prior to a concept’s occurrence (Brush, Kirk, Gultekin & Baiardi, 2011). An individual must first identify the existence of and need to change a current behavior, situation, event, or problem. The antecedents of caring is being aware of another individuals need for help, and being ready and adequately trained to address and meet the needs that the patient is lacking. The identified consequences of caring are healing, satisfaction, and growth. By caring, one can increase the quality of life for another individual. The act of caring gives the patient hope and helps them to find meaning in life. The patient can then start the process of moving beyond a difficult situation or circumstance toward a healthier and more fulfilling future. This is generally a positive process with positive outcomes and can be beneficial to both the care giver and the individual. Empirical Referents Empirical referents can be used to measure patient centered outcomes from the perspective of the person receiving the care. The defining attributes of caring show a series of activities which include helping others, with concern and devotion by the primary nurse. Interpersonal relationships develop between patient and the caregiver. The empirical referents of
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CONCEPT ANALYSIS 7 caring could also be the behaviors of interpersonal relationship through a scientific and systematic process with concern and devotion for others as the focus (Morgan & Yoder, 2011). Model Cases This model case discusses the role of caring by the nurse and being able to provide comfort to a patient and family members in a critical care/code situation in the emergency department. The antecedent of this case is the patient going into

Antecedent and Consequence

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