You are the APRN at the public health clinic, and Anna, age 17, has come in because of nausea


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You are the APRN at the public health clinic, and Anna, age 17, has come in because of nausea, vomiting, and a late menstrual period. Her pregnancy test is positive, and she is 18 weeks pregnant. As you question Anna further, you discover that she is sexually active with multiple partners. Anna is afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy.  She is Hispanic, and her parents do not speak English, only her siblings. You encourage Jennifer to see an OB/GYN immediately. Under SC law, can you tell her parents about this pregnancy? Which issues of biomedical ethics involved with this case? How could the APRN use one of the ethical models or theories to handle this situation? What are the legal issues? Are there any cultural/ethnic issues? How do you respond in a culturally sensitive manner?

All questions above must be addressed and elaborated on with evidence & reference sources, the paper must be 4-5 pages in length, APA format, New Times Roman, Font 12, using third person (avoid “I, you, we, our, my” etc.) needs an title page, introduction, body and short conclusion, references (3 or more), less than 5 years old and using the grading rubric below.

            Ethical Case Study Paper- 20%: Due March 11th

Describe an ethical issue affecting APRN practice.  Apply the principles of biomedical ethics to the issue. Apply 1 ethical theory/decision making guide or any 2 of the ANA Code of Ethics Provisions to the scenario. Be sure to describe what the research says about this topic. Describe any legal issues involved with this topic. 4-5 pages, APA format with appropriate grammar, with at least 3 peer-reviewed references that are less than 5 years old (unless they are classic references).


Grading Rubric: Maximum grade 28 Points

Points 0

Not Addressed


Referred To




Describes Well


Excellently Described

Describe the ethical issue affecting APRN/nurse educator practice          
What does the literature say about this topic?          
Apply all 4 principles of biomedical ethics to this issue (autonomy, beneficience, non-maleficence, justice).          
Describe the legal issues that are associated with this topic.          
Discuss cultural/ethnic issues related to this scenario.          
Apply 1 ethical theory/decision making guide

OR you may apply any 2 of the ANA Code of Ethics Provisions to the scenario.

Use of APA Format & Correct Grammar. 7 or more errors 5-6 errors 3-4 errors 1-2 errors No errors



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