Assignment: Discussion 1: Methods of Measuring The center point of research studies

Assignment: Discussion 1: Methods of Measuring The center point of research studies

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Discussion 1: Methods of MeasuringThe  center point of research studies is the body of data collected to  answer the research question. These data must be measured, which is the  act of taking an abstract concept (e.g., depression, anger, etc.),  sorting them out and quantifying them in some cohesive way in order to  construct meaning—but how can you measure something that is not easily  quantifiable? Choosing  an appropriate measurement tool requires consideration of a number of  different issues including reliability, validity, appropriateness for  use with a specific group or culture, availability, and potential cost.  Sometimes, social workers will attempt to create their own set of  questions to tap into or measure a concept.  This may appear to be an easy thing to do; however, writing questions to  measure a phenomenon is more challenging than it would seem. For  example, how do we know it measures what we want it to measure?  In the  first discussion this week, you will have the opportunity to create your  own questions to measure a phenomenon of your interest. In the second  discussion, you will compare the measure you created with an existing  instrument that measures the same phenomenon.

To prepare: Choose  one phenomenon or issue that a client may be dealing with (for example, depression, anxiety, or family conflict). Consider how you would  evaluate the client’s progress in this area. Create questions with  response options that would capture this phenomenon or client issue.

Identify the phenomenon you would measure and explain how you conceptualize this phenomenon.

Provide  at least 3 questions you would use to measure this phenomenon and  explain how these questions operationalize the phenomenon.

Define reliability in 2-3 sentences and give one example of how you would establish reliability for the questions you created.

Define validity in 2-3 sentences and give one example of how you would establish validity for the questions you created.

Create a measurement plan to assess the phenomenon.

Describe  the methodology you would use to collect data using your measurement  tool (your method for acquiring this research data).

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of your choices)

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