ASSIGNMENT | HR Responsibilities

1-Page HR Responsibilities

HOSP 256 Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry

Due Date: Post to the Discussion Board on D2L before class on Thursday. Bring a hard copy with you to class and be prepared to discuss your findings.

• Homework Assignment: Job Description Research Discussion Post


Instructions: Use internet job search engines (i.e.,,, etc.) to find a job description for a human resources manager. Read through the various job duties included in the job description. Identify three job duties that you are unfamiliar with or interest you to research. In the D2L Discussion Board post the following information:

  • Identify the job position and company
  • Identify the three job duties that you chose to research and include a detailed description using at least one reputable reference to define the job duty.
  • At the conclusion of your post there should be at least four APA cited references (1. Referencing the job description, 2-4 references to support each job duty that was researched.)

As an example, I referenced the job description for the Human Resources Director that is located in the textbook on pages 10-11. The first job task I chose to research was:

1) “Conducts and reviews wage and benefit surveys; proposes employee benefit modifications to the general manager”

I am unfamiliar with ‘wage and benefit surveys.’ According to Coleman (n.d.), compensation surveys are typically compiled by researchers the determine the rate of compensation for comparable jobs. Companies use this information to determine if they are providing competitive wages and benefits to employees in order to attract and retain the best employees. Therefore, I would conclude that according to this job description the Director of Human Resources is responsible for conducting and analyzing compensation surveys to determine if any modifications will need to be made in order to attract and retain the best employees.


Coleman, B. (n.d.). Compensation surveys. Retrieved from http://

If you need a refresher on proper citation techniques the following websites will be helpful:

Purdue Owl Writing Lab APA Style IUP Reference Services
Sanagavarapu, Krishna
** Be prepared to discuss in class. I will be taking volunteers to write some of their findings on the board.

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