ASSIGNMENT | Psychology and Communications

Psychology and Communications

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between objective and subjective claims? Give real life examples of each dealing directly with recent legislation that is being covered in the news media.
  2. How does grouping ambiguity interfere with clear thinking? Give 3 examples from current news events from the past month?
  3. What rhetorical device gives persuasive writing flare and interest? Explain the definition and use an example from current events or advertisements.
  4. Explain how categorical logic and truth-functional logic are similar and give an example from a current event in the past month.
  5. Explain the guidelines for thinking critically about an argument from analogy and how they improve the argument.
  6. Explain the major perspectives in moral reasoning.
  7. From what you’ve learned in this course, what is the most important item that you will apply in real life?

Psychology and Communications

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