BSN4014 Windshield Survey Essay

BSN4014 Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey

Community Boundaries

Brazoria County located in Texas. It is approximately fifteen minutes from Houston. Pearland consist of many old and new subdivisions that have been around for years. Shadowcreek Ranch is one the latest additions in Pearland and according to (Bedi, Holloway, & Broughton, 2010), Pearland has had an explosive growth over the last twenty years. The population grew from a population of 19,000 to 92,000 as of 2010. FM 518 is one of the main corridors in Pearland and is divided the main freeway 288. The older side of Pearland consists ofthe main corridor FM 518. The corridor FM 518 is extended on the new side of Pearland and that is Shadowcreek Ranch. The area surveyed is approximately two miles along the newer corridor on the Shadowcreek Ranch side of Pearland. The Shadowcreek Ranch side of FM 518 has eleven signal lights and access to residential and commercial business. Environment and CultureHousing. Shadowcreek Ranch is one of the more recent master community developments. According to (Pearland Economic Development Corporation, 2013) Shadowcreek Ranch covers approximately 3,500 acres and offers homes starting around 150,000to over 1 million. The community started development in the 1990’s and is still ongoing. The homes are very nice, clean and well maintained. Shadowcreek Ranch has at least four multi-family complexes and is presently building two more. It is safe to assume that the economic status of Shadowcreek Ranch homes is middle to upper class homes. Signs of Decay. The condition of the community of Shadowcreek Ranch is new, clean and well maintained. The homes and yards are maintained and beautiful yard. Garbage and
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WINDSHIELD SURVEY3junky cars are not something seen in the neighborhood. The homeowners association of Shadowcreek Ranch manages the property well. Violations are given if standards are not kept upto the homeowner association rules and regulations.Parks and Recreational Areas. The community of Shadowcreek Ranch offers many options for parks and recreational areas. The community has over twenty-two miles of bike and hike trails. The community offers four recreational facilities with many options. All the recreational facilities have swimming pools and play areas. Each recreational area offers something different with a personal touch. The options include play pads for kids, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, water parks with slides and lap pool. Shadowcreek Ranch is currently building a sports complex that will cover over 128 acres. The plans for the sports complex will include softball, baseball, ten………………………

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