Business Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights Essay

Business Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights

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Business Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rightsQuestion 1 1. After reading the articles in the Chapter 4 discussing sexual harassment, what do you believe to be the primary moral wrong committed by sexual harassment? Do you believe that there is a single moral wrong that undergirds sexual harassment, or are there several? Be sure to defend your interpretation of the moral foundations of objections against sexual harassment against other interpretations.Question 3 1. Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights that are protected under the U.S. Constitution. Commonly, defenses of these rights are grounded in appeals to autonomy (in order to act autonomously, we must have the freedom to express ourselves). Thus, restrictions on our freedom of expression correlate to restrictions on our autonomy. However, several authors cited within Chapter 4 recognize that sexual harassment can have a detrimental effect on autonomy. On the surface, there seems to be a tension between appeals to autonomy in defense of freedom of speech and expression and appeals to autonomy in order to justify restrictions on freedom of speech and expression, which may result in sexual harassment. Do you believe that there is a conflict between these two positions? How may such a conflict be balanced? AnswerQuestion 4 1. John R. Boatright recognizes a potential strategy regarding workplace hazards in which acceptance of hazardous work conditions may be balanced by negotiated increases in compensation. Do you believe that all workplace hazards should be up for negotiations over compensation, or should there be a minimum baseline to which, even if employees would be willing to assume the risks for increased pay, they should not be allowed? Defend your position. AnswerCourse Textbook Beauchamp, T. L., Bowie, N. E., & Arnold, D. G. (2009). Ethical theory and business (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.:


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