Canada has the universal health care system

What is one way that health services in the US differ from another country’s health services? For example, in the US, Canada has the universal health care system is not a right and 40+ million are uninsured. In many other countries in the world, health care is a right, even if accessibility and quality of care might be poor.
One way health care services in the U.S. differ from another country’s health care services is that other countries view health care services as a resource that should be available to all based on their need, not their ability to pay (Storch, 2005, 415). Here in the U.S., if you do not have health insurance, or are part of a government program, you are really out of luck.
The U.S. health care system is based on the ability to pay. If you cannot pay for services, you do not have access. That is something that I do not particularly care for because there are millions of people who have become bankrupt because an insurance company would not cover a certain service or someone may have had a lapse in their health insurance and one visit to the hospital wiped them out financially. You see that kind of thing happen every day. Even though many of us have health

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insurance, that does not mean we are without problems. In some cases there may be a service that a health insurance company categorizes as ‘experimental’, therefore they will not pay for it. But if the same individual that was turned down went to Canada and asked for the same service or something different, they would be able to be serviced, without receiving a bill at the end of the visit.

Canada has the universal health care system and that allows everyone equal access to all who are in need of health care services, regardless of their ability to pay

(Storch, 2005, 415). Many people do not like this type of system. They argue that the quality of care is not the same and that the doctors are not as qualified which is all untrue in every aspect. I have doctors that I have to pay to go see and they have not been the ‘best of the best’. I did not feel like I received the best quality of care so I did not go back to see them. So that is not a proper justification for disagreeing with the universal health care system that is in place in

Canada, along with many other European countries.
The U.S. is money-hungry and has always been that way. The health care system is a booming billion dollar business, so of course no one wants to make access to health care available to everyone. That would mean that certain people’s bank accounts would dwindle down and everyone would be on the same level, in regards to accessing health care.
Obama is trying to make some new waves by enacting the ACA and its different mandates, but he is being fought every step of the way.

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