Capella BSN4014 Unit 9 Assignment

Capella BSN4014 Unit 9 Assignment

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Community Assessment and Nursing Care Plan


Your final assignment for this course has two components. For the first component you will use the information you obtained in your Windshield Survey and interviews from Unit 3 to develop a Community Assessment. The second component utilizes the Community Assessment to develop a Nursing Plan.

Community Assessment (5–7 pages)

Using the information in your Windshield Survey, identify three health-based problems within the community you surveyed. Explain why you believe these are problems within the community. Then develop one nursing diagnosis for each problem. Use references to support your nursing diagnosis. This portion of your project will include:

  • Your Windshield Survey.
  • The key informant interview questions and responses.
  • Description of three health-based problems.
  • Description of one nursing diagnosis for each problem.

Note: The description of the three health-based problems and their nursing diagnoses should add an additional 1–2 pagesof material to this section. Your Windshield Survey and interview questions and responses will be however long they were when you submitted them in Unit 3.

Nursing Care Plan

Select one of the problems from your Community Assessment and develop a nursing care plan for that problem. The Nursing Care Plan will use the nursing diagnosis from the Community Assessment to help develop nursing interventions. This portion of your project will include:

  • A description of the problem that addresses the epidemiology of the problem, 10–15 year trends of the problem, a comparison of the epidemiology to any health disparities for local, state, national, and global populations.
  • Your selection of three primary nursing interventions for the identified problem.
  • Your selection of three secondary nursing interventions for the identified problem.
  • Your selection of three tertiary nursing interventions for the identified problem.
  • A description and explanation of the nursing role in relation to the identified problem, and what the nurse will do at each level of intervention (for example, client teaching, project management, direct delivery of care, surveillance, and so on).

This explanation must be specific and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the nursing role in the primary interventions?
  2. What specifically does your plan require the nurse to do?
  3. Based on your primary interventions, what will the nurse do in the secondary interventions?
  4. What specifically will the nurse do in the tertiary interventions?

You will need to support your Nursing Care Plan with current literature:

  • A minimum of one peer-reviewed journal article that supports your choice of the problem (for example, an article that supports the statement that infant mortality is a problem).
  • A minimum of one peer-reviewed journal article that supports one of your nursing interventions (for example, an article supporting a statement that prenatal education programs are efficacious and improve birth outcomes).
  • A minimum of one peer-reviewed nursing research article supporting the role of nursing (for example, a research-based article that supports the idea that clients prefer prenatal education classes that are delivered by a nurse).

You may use your course text and unit readings as resources, but you must also use at least two resources not required for this course. Be sure to follow proper APA style and formatting when citing and referencing these articles.

Your final project submission should be organized with the following:

  • Title page.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Community Assessment—Windshield Survey, key informant interview, identification of three health-based problems.
  • Nursing Care Plan.
  • Reference page.
  • APA Format.
  • Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

Capella BSN4014 Unit 9 Assignment

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