What challenges have you encountered while working on your proposal this week?

What challenges have you encountered while working on your proposal this week? What questions remain? Post an update of your progress on your dissertation proposal. How will you address these challenges? How will you work with your chair to help address these challenges?

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From August 9, 2017 through August 16, 2017, I was reading the templates and sample dissertations from Grand Canyon University. In addition, I completed chapter 2 proposal draft and some of my thoughts up to this point is maybe it is not the templates, the instructions, time and effort put into this dissertation journey, it is my skill and level. I am beginning to think I am going to need more help and resources such as additional courses before dissertation I,II, and III.

I think the challenges and the questions for the week is whether chapter 1 and chapter 2 proposal draft I had written is somewhat acceptable. Solutions, for the upcoming week is after the conference call and reviewing the comments in the drafts, I will be putting everything together and hopefully gain my answers related to certain sections. I will also seek out advice on my dissertation topic and see if I am framing my research question properly or even if my topic is a true topic that will either be able to keep or change. Some classmates has suggested emotional engagement instead of emotional intelligence, perhaps this is a topic for added literature review or an entirely new topic. This is something that will also be needed to be discussed with the chair, Dr. Danielle Rowell.

I will continue to read the dissertation samples from Grand Canyon University and the template and GCU DC network resources and power point slides. Looking forward to the conference call on August 18, 2017 at 3p.m.(Pacific Standard Time, 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time). In addition, study and read some of these links and materials that is most helpful to many PhD students.

Here are the links below for all:

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