Comparison of Nursing Stress in Public and Private Hospitals

Comparison of Nursing Stress in Public and Private Hospitals

Nursing stress

Nursing stress is the negative emotion and physical response that results when nurses are unable to tackle specific challenges in the field of health care. It is caused when their skills do not match up with the illness to be treated, inefficient resources and inability to meet the needs of patients.

Stress affects the normal functioning of an individual which contributes to making the wrong judgement and decisions. It is a dangerous problem which poses risks to patients and medical practitioners in case it happens to nurses.

Nurses make delicate choices about treatment procedure of patients which calls for a lot of attention an accuracy. Measures have to be created in time to solve the causes of stress in medical practices for patients’protection.

Nursing Stress in Public hospitals

The monotonous nature of the job causes nursing stress in public hospitals, with less technical knowledge, high patient population and low-quality healthcare equipment. Tedious life of the situation come up as a result of working in the same environment for long. It is very rare to change working stations and positions in public hospitals which affects the psyche of working causing stress.

Less technical knowledge affects the nurse’s ability to tackle certain illnesses and watch the patient suffering without the power to offer assistance. It affects them mentally and even tempers with their ability to handle other conditions.

High population pressure from patients demanding for less costly public health services leads to mental disturbance hence stress. The attempt to offer medical care to all the patients in time using the available resources causes stress to the health care providers.

Nursing stress in Private Hospitals

Unlike public hospitals, nursing stress in private healthcare provider practices is caused by the feeling of exploitation, high work pressure and over duty working. Patients pay more to receive health care services in private hospitals. The management, therefore, ensures that health care providers are exploited to the fullest for the benefit of the patient and the organisations. Excessive work causes stress to the health care providers which may interfere with their health care delivery.

There are fixed working hours in public hospitals which give nurses enough time to attend to their social lives and relax. It is not the same case in private hospitals where the nurses must be available any time of the day in case a patient demands medical attention. Lack of enough relaxation time and fatigue contributes to a rise in stress levels which affects patient safety.

Comparison of Nursing Stress in Public and Private Hospitals

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