BSN-FP4010 Wellness Education Program Proposal

BSN-FP4010 Wellness Education Program Proposal

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Wellness Education Program Proposal

The following wellness education program proposal is designed to provide a framework that addresses the health disparities and provides prevention education for vulnerable members of the community and people already living with HIV/AIDS in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Bridging the gaps in health care delivery includes taking into consideration the cultural, spiritual, and linguistic concerns of the population and adapting evidence-based educational tools to work to their benefit. Marketing methods and how to advertise the wellness program will be discussed.

Finally, this paper will examine current matters related to ethics, law, and the economy that impact the health and wellness of people living with HIV/AIDS. BSN-FP4010 Wellness Education Program Proposal

Wellness Education Program for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Rogers Park The diversity and vulnerability inherent to populations served by the wellness education program means that certain considerations must be made that specifically address those populations.

This involves exploring the needs of the cultures that make up the community served and their spirituality and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) use. In addition to the former subjects, linguistic needs and educational considerations will be addressed. BSN-FP4010 Wellness Education Program Proposal

Cultural considerations Efforts to improve the health of vulnerable populations and people living with HIV/AIDS need to have a strong element of community involvement, including consultation with members of the population.

Health information outreach helps communities by increasing involvement in health care, improving health care decision making, and improving communication with providers (Dancy & Dutcher, 2007).

There still exists a strong stigma around those living with HIV/AIDS and this stigma even extends to treatment and prevention efforts like post-exposure  BSN-FP4010 Wellness Education Program Proposal
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WELLNESS EDUCATION PROGRAM prophylaxis (PEP) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Assessment of socio-cultural norms is necessary in order to destigmatize PEP, PrEP, and HIV/AIDS. CAM and spirituality considerations African Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, and the number of Hispanics living with HIV/AIDS is on the rise (HIV Among Hispanics/Latinos, 2017; HIV Among African Americans, 2017).

Develop a 5-7-page proposal for a wellness education program for a specific population. Integrate aspects of culture CAM and spirituality and linguistics into the program.

These two groups are also known to more frequently report being religious or spiritual. Spirituality in people living with HIV/AIDS is known to improve outcomes by reducing viral load, increasing the……………….

BSN-FP4010 Wellness Education Program Proposal

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