Education in Emergency custom essay

Education in Emergency custom essay

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MHE518 – Education in Emergency
Module 1 – Case
Introduction to Education in Emergency

Case Preparation
These federal organizations have disaster responsibilities:
� Federal Emergency Management Agency
� U.S. Small Business Administration
� Department of Transportation
� Army Corps of Engineers
� National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
� U.S. Geological Survey
� Corporation for National Service (among others)

These non-profit or voluntary organizations also participate in disaster response and recovery:
� American Red Cross
� Church World Services
� Mennonite Disaster Service
� Salvation Army
� Humane Society of the United States

All states also have offices of emergency services, and all local jurisdictions have police and fire departments that have disaster responsibilities.
Your Task
Write a 2-3 page essay focused on the following topics. Do research on all or some of these agencies listed above and what their specific roles are in disasters or crises; e.g., earthquake in a local area. Write an essay that provides general insight and applied insight.
-Explain the benefits of emergency planning. The essay should discuss these agencies, their general roles in emergencies and how they may or may not be useful to education in emergencies.
-Explain the difference between crisis intervention and emergency planning in relation to these agencies.
-Describe the hazards that should be addressed in a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan.
-Consider the different types of hazards such that some agencies may be more helpful than others with some hazards. Apply these general agency roles toward the specific case of an earthquake disaster for a local public school district.
Case assignment expectations:
The paper should:
Be between 2-5 pages long (double spaced);
Indicate that you have a good understanding of the required background reading article;
Have an appropriate introduction and conclusion;
Have a clear and coherent structure;
Indicate that you have the ability to apply your understanding of the required background reading to answer the above questions.
Use APA formatting.

Education in Emergency custom essay

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