Efficacy of Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) Essay

Efficacy of Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6)

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Efficacy of Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6)Efficacy of Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) in the treatment of premenstrual syndromeProject descriptionPlease follow this instruction.Article (Vitamins/Minerals) Review (Abstract) and PresentationYou will have to present a review of one study (Human studies only from Peer Review journals) in an abstract format to the class on assigned date.Topic: Efficacy of Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) in the treatment of premenstrual syndromeAbstract Format ?Title of article, Author(s) of article, Journal Name, Volume and Page #, YearSee APA styleIntroduction ? A brief discussion of the current research in this topic and why it is important (Do not use words such as we, I, they, etc.)Purpose of study ? (What was the actual purpose/objective of the study?)Subjects & Methods ? (What were the research protocols and who were the subjects?)Results ? (What were the significant results of this study?) Use terminology that is easy to understand. Do not list specific statistical terms unless you understand them.Conclusion ? (What is (are) the main conclusion(s) of this study?) ? no opinionsOn a separate page ? Write a short paragraph regarding the following:-What science/nutrition based concerns or questions do you have about the study?-How does this study add to your knowledge of the vitamin studied?-What else would you like to know about this vitamin based on new information gathered from this study?Must/:(a) Choose a scientific research article (human studies only), not a review article, to abstract.(b) The abstract should be written in the student?s words, not the researchers.(c) Turn in a copy of the article with their abstract. All abstracts should be typed. One point per day deduction for lateness on abstracts (out of a possible 20 points).(d) Be prepared to discuss their abstracts in class.The following grading form will be used for the abstracts:Abstract Grade (max 20 points):Content: Supplied appropriate information including copy of the article in PDF format.0 1 2 3 4 5Directions: Followed directions (Syllabus guidelines for abstract; human study)0 1 2 3 4 5Clarity: Pertinent information included; used own words (Remember, you must not plagiarize)0 1 2 3 4 5Mechanics: Uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation0 1 2 3 4 5Sample AbstractEverything should be in the students? own words (this was submitted by a student ? journal information was originally left off so the journal info below is not accurate)Carlat, R., Johnson, R. & Smith T. (2006). Eating Disorders in Males: A Report on 135 patients. The Journal of Health, 34, 334-338.Introduction (A brief discussion of the current research in this topic and why it is important)There have been only a few studies done on eating disorders and males. This does not mean that males do not experience these disorders. It has been suggested that 10 ? 15 percent of all bulimic patients are males. If this is the case, it important to understand the reasons for this disorder in males and evaluate similarities and differences to females.Purpose (What was the actual purpose/objective of the study?)The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possible reasons for male eating disorders and to compare these reasons to those that are known for females.Subjects and Methods (What was the research protocols and who were the subjects?)The subjects included 135 males who had been seen at the Massachusetts General Hospital from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 2000 for eating disorders. The patients? charts were reviewed by one psychiatrist to confirm an eating disorder according to the DSM ? IV criteria. If the notes were not sufficient, the primary clinician was interviewed. Information about sexual orientation, weight, family history, referral source, other psychiatric and medical conditions, demographic factors and health outcomes were recorded and compared to previous data collected on females. Patients were also separated into groups according to anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa symptoms.Results (What were the significant results of this study? Use terminology that is easy to understand. Do not list specific statistical terms unless you understand them.)After the patients were separated into their group according to their type of eating disorders, thirty were considered to have anorexia nervosa. The average age of onset was 19.0, with a treatment delay of 2.1 years. These males had an average body weight of 95% of their ideal body weight (IBW) and their desired body weight was 75% of IBW. This group also exhibited characteristics of compulsiveness and perfectionism. Of significance was that 15 of these males were asexual.For the patients that were considered to have bulimia, the average age was 19.5, with a treatment delay of 8.4 years. These males had an average body weight of 123% of IBW and a desired body weight of 95% of IBW. This group seemed more prone to ?stressing out? and had a high percent of unresolved emotional issues. In this group of 105, there were 24 who considered themselves homosexual or bisexual and seven were asexual.Conclusion (what is (are) the main conclusion(s) of this study ? no opinions please)Males who develop eating disorders seem to have similar personality characteristics as females who develop these disorders. Confusion or discomfort with their sexual orientation seems to be an additional risk factor for eating disorders in males.!

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