Essay Myths and Truths

Essay Myths and Truths

Essay writing is always fun

It depends, some might find it fun while to others it’s more of a torture. Of course there are lots more fun things to engage in like streaming movies, texting, tweeting, watching television, and skyping. For active and aspiring writers, going out to dinner, bar-hopping, walking the dog and playing sports tend to be more interesting. Essay writing is only fun when you have little invested in it like your dreams and hopes, and need to buy foodstuffs. When it comes to academic essays, one must make suitable preparation research, materials, and study some concepts like essay styles, essay outline and others before you master essay writing skills and process.

Essay writing is easy

Absolutely, it is easy to tweet or text your friends, but coming up with a piece of writing that is worthy of people reading is certainly not a walk in the park. And it is even complicated if you need readers to pay to ready your materials. For the paying audience, you must offer entertainment and profound insight, a way of viewing the world that far from their imaginations. Essay writing process is a skill that should be mastered. One must explore various writing guides, study writing hooks and essay editing techniques.

Anyone can write an essay

Sure, the interest has leveled the ground for existing and aspiring writers. Anyone can start a blog and develop numerous pieces of writing. However, not every written material is worthy of reading. Probably 80 percent of written materials should never be presented for reading. To develop captivating essay ideas, you have to think critically and research thoroughly. You don’t just write, it takes experience and commitment.

Essay writing will make you popular

Not really. In fact, it may affect your relationship with others especially, if you are writing about them. Friends and relatives hate to hear their shortcomings much less have it broadcast to the world in a finely disguised story.
You will always be in the mood to write an essay
This is a white lie that need to be stopped. You are likely to experience boredom more than joy when writing. Again, essay writing is not always fun. When one depends on writing to pay bills, it becomes work, and that is always hard.

Essay Myths and Truths

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