Essay paper that discusses Nurse Manager Power

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Nurse Manager Power. The author playing the role of her boss will assess the case and suggest how she can improve her management skills using literature on management. Case Study Mrs. Jackson is a nurse manager on a coronary care step-down unit. She has a habit of dictating solutions to staff in case of any problem. She is also habitual of degrading her staff publicly and uses a rather a superior attitude. In addition, she also shows more favorable attitude towards some of her staff members and give them relax hours and vacations according to their desire while coerce the other staff members. Also, it has been observed that staff members who confront her are assigned worst hours and shifts and their request to change the shift is usually ignored. Considering this situation, the author has explored the detrimental and optimal behavior for unit functioning followed by observation and suggestion for Mrs. Jackson to improve her management skills. Behavior which is considered detrimental to the unit’s functioning Nurse Managers have is key in the acute care nursing area as it deals with development and retention of staff, with on the whole unit competency. Altogether, the nurse manager has the duty to make sure that the work in the facility is going on smoothly, while ensuring the capability and the competence of the day by day operations of their unit. The attitude that we see in case of Mrs. Jackson is termed as Pseudo-transformational leadership. Pseudo-transformational leaders are those who have narcissist tendencies and self-aggrandizing motives. Judge, LePine and Rich (2006) described narcissism as a grandiose sense of self-importance, which results in fantasies of unlimited success, sense of entitlement, interpersonally exploitative behaviors, lack of empathy, arrogant and haughtiness If nurse manager adopts such behavior, it will create a negative work environment which will affect team functioning and performance as well as workers outcomes. The behaviors that contribute to optimal team functioning within a larger systems environment An environment where workers are treated as assets, there experience and knowledge is acknowledged and they are treated equally with respect leads optimal team functioning. Leadership theories suggest that leaders need to serve as role models and reward and recognize individuals that reflect the values of the organization. The latest leadership style that is being popular almost in organization is transformation leadership. According to Bass and Steidlmeire (1999), to be transformational, leaders must be grounded in moral foundations. Such leaders must exhibit moral character in their concern for self and others, display ethical values embedded in their vision, demonstrate morality in their processes of social and ethical choices, and in all actions in which the leader and followers engage. In a larger system environment, leader should motivate follower, use rewards to encourage and appreciate staff members for their hard work. As, Smith (1998) believed that creative compliments can motivate followers to perform at higher levels (p. 71) Lastly, in order to accomplish all of the key components of their role, it is important for the nurse manager to foster interdisciplinary relationships through effective communication.

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