Faced with declining attendance

Faced with declining attendance (subscription and single ticket), a large deficit and a “sluggish” economy, you along with threeexecutives of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) ponder the results of an audience survey

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You are in charge of preparing a memo for the Board of Directors analyzing how to best build ticket sales for the remaining four months of the season.

Write a three- to five-page Report to the Board of Directors addressing the following questions. APA FORMAT

· What management questions are you hoping to resolve and how did the data help?

· What decisions did you make?

· What are the strengths and weaknesses of this market research project?

· What trade-offs have been made?

· Explain any sampling bias?

· What issues would you address in future surveys and studies?


Key players

· Ed Oscapella (Board Chair) – “We’ve got to do something, and do it fast, to get out of this difficult situation. Time is running out for the season. I think we should really stress to the board our most important recommendation based on the results as given. I just don’t know what it is.”

· Jane Corbett (Market Chair) – “From my point of view, I’ve got to find out who wants what: Do subscribers want something different than nonsubscribers? If so, what is it? We’ve got all this information that needs analyzing and I’m hoping it will be useful in marketing the rest of the season. Whatever we decide it must specific and actionable.”

· E. Douglas Hughes (Co Chair) – “I’ve got to decide on an appropriate theme or themes to communicate to the segments we go after. We’ve got to give the printers sufficient lead time to get our brochures out, so I need to know what to focus on in the promotion”

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