Factors contributing to the rise in health care costs

Factors Contributing to the Rise in Health Care Costs

Health care costs are growing at an alarming rate in the present world because of the happening changes and advancement. Individuals earning average income find it difficult to access health care services which adversely affect their health. Sometimes it causes just because they could not afford to get medical attention. Factors that lead to the problem of health care costs rise to have to be identified and solutions found to create a healthy society.

Diseases change and become more hazardous as the environment changes due to technology improvement. Types of food consumed and environment people live in change which gives rise to new infections. Treatment methods, therefore, have to be improved to levels that they can handle the modernised disease. It keeps scientists in the field of medicine in the continuous research process to come up with new treatment methods. Scientific research demands for a lot of resources which are acquired by spending income. Medical firms are created to solve health problems and make a profit. Without any returns, it will be very challenging to pay health care providers and to keep the firm running efficiently. Therefore, health care costs are increased to enable healthcare providers to get enough returns to cover up for the expenditure on scientific research for new medications.

Modernization has also led to the invention of machines which help medical practitioners in their treatment methods. It is costly to acquire such devices which impose a lot of spending on healthcare firms. They are then forced to raise treatment costs to enable them to pay up for the expenditure they made on the machines which affect patients. Although some of them who can afford to receive adequate treatment, most of them find it hard to provide which render it useless.

Increased number of old fragile individuals has also contributed to the rise of health care costs. An older adult’s body has a weak immune system and delicate skin to allow in disease-causing organisms. They, therefore, get sick at a high rate which calls for medical attention frequently. Money spends to take care of the elderly s health is consequently high which raises health care costs. It happens mostly in public government where an individual receives treatment paid for by the government. You find that the government spends more if its citizens have a high number of the elderly than if it has many middle added individuals.

Effects on Managed Health Care

Managed health care are activities focused on reducing the costs of health services and increase the quality of provided care to patients. The rise in the health care costs makes it difficult for managed health care to function since there are not enough resources to help the unable individuals access health care services provided at the existing high rates. They cannot create policies to reduce the cost of services provided by healthcare firms since resources spend in building a medication for new illnesses are expensive. Increased number of old aged individuals demanding for healthcare services cannot also be reduced which limits their power to keep healthcare costs at affordable average rates.

Factors Contributing to the Rise in Health Care Costs

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