HCS440 The Financine of Health Care

HCS440 The Financine of Health Care

As the demand in health care continues to increase and advancements in medical technology tend to grow, people are also becoming more involved in their health care and they are participating in picking their insurance providers, coverage options, medical needs, and medical treatments. I will be discussing part one of my proposal and in my proposal I will be discussing the demand of health care services as well as the cost of services, expenditure to the healthcare industry, and payment sources used by the healthcare industry. The Demand for Health Care Services The demand for health care services differ from other consumer purchases due to many facts. When dealing with health care the outcome of care is uncertain, large segments of the industry is dominated non profit providers and third party insurers. Due to the advances in medicine, an aging population, and the rising burden of chronic illnesses costs of health care, costs are at an all time high. Advances in healthcare are allowing people to live longer and healthier lives, survival rates are better due to medical advances and also less invasive surgeries can be done but having these advances lead to higher standards of care and increased utilization which drive up costs. Hospitals are in the center of all the new medical advances being able to treat the most acutely ill and injured patients which greatly benefits the patients but brings the high demand for service providers and cost for providing each service . The aging, sick, and growing population also rises healthcare costs. As people continue to age they gain more health problems and end up needing more healthcare services. This rise in demand for health care services means that more people need to be employed which is a big reason for rising costs. Another reason for an increase in demand for healthcare is the changes in behaviors from the consumers behaviors in how one takes care of oneself and also mental health has been becoming
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The Demand of Health Care Services Workshop Proposal Part l 3 a more relevant thing in today’s healthcare arena. It is impor

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