Why Being Healthy is Important essay

Why Being Healthy is Important essay

Health is considered to be the most valuable things in human life. On the one hand, it is one of phenomena that can be lost in a moment and cannot be bought, no matter how much we want it. On the other hand, health can be worked for and with minimum efforts kept throughout life. Those who live until elderly age claim it was worth it. Was it, really? Maybe we are lying to ourselves while saying that being healthy is a benefit. Can health be just a marketing product aimed at gaining profit from organic food and gyms?

Seriously speaking, health does not consisit of the abovementioned components only. Healthy food and a regular workout are good, no doubt, but it is not the only way to succeed. What is more important is understanding that everything we do to our organism, everything we offer to it will sooner or later have its effect and show whether it brought any advantage or not. In order to be healthy, people have to become responsible, both for themselves and the life of the future generations. Yes, it is a substantial motivation – staying fit in order to give birth to healthy children and become role models for the growing ones. In today’s world being responsible is highly praised. This feature is also important for a successful career. In such a way, keeping one’s health as a prolonged and rather difficult task might be reflected in work achievements which usually fit nicely in every résumé. What concerns persuading job descriptions, hundreds of successful careers of former sportsmen prove that muscle work is just the top of the iceberg, and what it really takes to gain victory is feverish determination, regular exhausting trainings and a firm believe in one’s strengths. Of course, caustic opponents might point out that sport can be traumatic, but its benefits surpass its dangers in so many ways. Being an architect of one’s body contributes to brain improvement in a significant way. Wish to stay healthy triggers our best features. Moreover, imagine all the money the country saves when it does not have to pay for large numbers of hospital patients. Problem of losing doctors’ workplaces is easily removable by re-training to life coaches and organic gardeners. Nation’s health is a priority.

Speaking about nation’s health, nowadays it is a matter of concern not only for America. Obesity and the whole consequent bouquet of various connected diseases is an acknowledged evil. What is even more tragic, that it is a continuous trend. The fact that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, in 1990’s 27.3 % of all Americans were not engaged in any kind of physical activity and only merely 25 % of the population consumed a recommended amount of fruits and vegetables a day. These numbers make us fall to thinking. All in all, the actual situation is frightening. It is an excellent illustration of how unhealthy way of life may affect the destiny of the whole country. The world continues to manifest that it needs healthy people in order to secure progress. Why Being Healthy is Important essay

Another problem is lack of health from the very birth. In this case all our tryings are limited by not making the situation worse, for making it better is out of the question. Ask a person suffering from something incurable since childhood about a cherished dream, and you will hear what he or she will say. Surely, the answer will not imply a beach house or a large bank account. We are made this way: we start valuing something only after losing it. It is not applicable to people who were deprived of something they did not even have a chance to enjoy. Life devoted to fighting with a disease lacks the brightness present in a case of healthy person. It is another challenge for the character. As for me, I would rather develop overcoming features in another way. Why Being Healthy is Important essay

Mental health is as important as the physical one. Young people do not appreciate it much and are convinced that a certain kind of dementia is inevitable anyway. In reality, however, working on one’s brain, the same way it is done to muscles, may save people from this thought-to-be inevitability. Nobody wants to be a burden in senior age. Staying mentally active might help a person remain a valuable member of society and keep this most precious feeling of being needed. And it comes only from using our memory more frequently.

Moreover, researches show that there is a connection between the exercising and retaining of memory. The experts from the Scientific American, referring to everyday joys known to a young healthy person, mention that “living longer is obviously no fun if you cannot remember your home address or drive a car” (Doraiswamy & Hoffman, 2008). The authors mention observational studies of senior adults revealing that physical activity of different kinds or exercising at least three times a week lowered risks for dementia. In such a way, brain is an eternal companion of the body in the task of keeping the organism healthy. Why Being Healthy is Important essay

Personally I know a lot of people whose lives changed miraculously when they became a little more interested in their health. Probably, a person would feel better after fighting against weakness and laziness. The feeling of pride after a successful battle is overwhelming and rewards for all the tryings. Practice shows, the moment a person stops trying is the moment when all the health problems come back. It is a constant swimming against the current, but those who venture it do not regret about their decision. Giving up a harmful habit, shifting to healthier diet or starting doing morning gymnastics – no matter what we choose, the organism will be thankful. Moreover, when we start thinking about health, we do researches and new knowledge is always necessary. Those who say that constant limiting oneself eliminates the spontaneity of life and makes it lose it living-for-the moment aspect just try to justify their carelessness. By no means can healthy way of life deprive of something. It is only meant to enrich. I am sure that a lot of fans of the maxim ‘carpe diem’ would like to make their extraordinary vivid lives, damaged by different kinds of abuse, longer.

In view of all the abovementioned, healthy life is just better than an unhealthy one. We live only once; there will not be another chance to feel in the middle of everything. Lack of health automatically reduces the amount of joys in life. Being healthy is a more difficult multitasking that any of the office offers. However, evidence shows that it is worth it. Health is important, for it is a synonym for happiness.

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