How to remove the ‘%20’ from a url in Python?

0I’m trying to remove with Python (Not C#, PHP or others) the %20 symbol from a url after having transformed it into a string. However the symbol keeps staying unchanged no matter what formatting I is the code I tried:url = ‘’ # Type string
title_text_data_file = url.split(‘=’)[1] if ‘%20’in title_text_data_file: title_text_data_file = title_text_data_file.replace(‘%20+’, ”) keyword = title_text_data_file.replace(‘+’, ‘ ‘) title_text_data_file = title_text_data_file + “.txt”print(‘Keyword:’,keyword,’- File title:’,title_text_data_file,’- URL:’,url)Here is what I get:Keyword: hbb%20magic%20dress – File title: hbb%20magic%20dress.txt – URL: is what I would like to get:Keyword: hbb magic dress – File title: hbb+magic+dress.txt – URL: from recomend to solve this problem in this wayActually, it is better to use libraries designed to deal with urls, as that will handle any urlencoded characters, not just spaces (%20). The standard library provides the urllib.parse module.In your case you want to useimport urllib.parse
url = ‘’ # This extracts the query part from the url query = urllib.parse.urlparse(url).query
# This gets the first k parameter, decoding any urlencoded character, not only spaces(%20) keyword = urllib.parse.parse_qs(query)[‘k’][0]Is this way right?

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