Human Resources Management: Staffing Decisions

Human Resources Management: Staffing Decisions

You are the supervisor and have 1 position open for a floor registered nurse (RN). You have two final candidates who are both registered, licensed, have 5–7 years of experience, have great recommendations, and either would be a competent choice. Include the following in your paper: Explain the assessment process and the additional variables that differentiate the 2 finalists (e.g., one is under age 40, one is over age 40; one is female, the other male; one is African-American, the other is Hispanic; one is married and has children under age 18, the other is divorced with grown children; one belongs to the Service Workers Union, the other is nonunion). Evaluate the legal and ethical issues that must be considered to avoid disparate treatment or impact. Develop a legally defensible decision-making approach to selecting the final candidate. Click”>here for relevant resource articles for this unit. Diversity and Discrimination Articles 1 Below is a list of articles and summary descriptions on effective diversity and discrimination in health care. Use the online library to search for the complete article”> Article 1 Clapp, J. R. (2010). Diversity leadership: The Rush University Medical Center experience. Hospital Topics, 88(2), 61–66. Meeting the challenges of diversity is crucial, and within health care organizations, a particularly strong case exists for a diversity strategy. The medical center featured in this article was at an important juncture in 2006. Since its founding, the organization had made notable progress toward advancing diversity and inclusiveness. On the other hand, many diversity-related problems continued. The center convened a committee to review the work of the institution in this area. The committee’s report called for changes, and a Diversity Leadership Group (DLG) model was established. This article documents the progress made since 2006 through implementation of the DLG model. The changes prescribed for this medical center are presented as recommendations and challenges that other health care organizations may find applicable to their own institutions. Article 2 Dotson, E., & Nuru-Jeter, A. (2012). Setting the stage for a business case for leadership diversity in healthcare: History, research, and leverage. Journal of Healthcare Management, 57(1), 35–44. Leveraging diversity to successfully influence business operations is a business imperative for many health care organizations as they look to leadership to help manage a new era of culturally competent, patient-centered care that reduces health and health care disparities. This article presents the foundation for a business case in leadership diversity within health care organizations and describes the need for research on managerial solutions to health and health care disparities. It provides a discussion of clinical, policy, and management implications that

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