International Business Economics and Strategy

International Business Economics and Strategy

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International Business Economics and StrategyStrategy Assignment (35%):You are asked to develop a management report addressing the four specific tasks set out below. This should be 3,500 words excluding title and content pages, references and appendices. A management report is a professional document presented as detailed by the guidelines provided, and part of its professional presentation is the adherence to word limits.Tasks:You are issued a complex case study based around strategic management issues of an organisation. You have to research the key developments inside and outside your case organisation from the end date of the case study to present (spring 2014).As a result of your research, address the following tasks in your management report:1. Analyse the key changes in the strategic position i.e. external environment and internal environment (including changes in organisational resources, competences, capabilities, leadership, culture and other internal aspects) of the case study organisation during the period identified for your research. 2. Critically evaluate how well the organisation responded to the external and internal challenges over the period concerned. Part of your critical evaluation could be a discussion of whether the strategy of your case organisation is prescriptive and/or emergent. 3. Critically discuss the basis and sustainability of the competitive advantage of your case organisation. 4. Based on the above- develop a range of strategic options available to your case organisation to ensure its success and sustainability into the future. Choose the most appropriate option and consider a range of implementation issues associated with it. Assignment Criteria:Tasks:? Demonstration of analytical skills of working with data and problem-solving; ? Evidence of critical approach in your writing; ? Evidence of skilful and critical application of the theoretical models/concepts to address the assessment task. ? Use of a wide range of credible academic and professional sources to develop arguments; ? Evidence of wider reading; ? Use of relevant and up-to-date information on the case study organisation. Format: ? Maximum word limit of 3,500 words + 350 words(you are allowed 10 % deviation to the original word count ) , excluding title page, executive summary, table of content, references and appendixes; ? Written in professional management report format; ? Maximum number of pages allocated for appendixes is 10 pages; ? The report should be appropriately referenced and cited using Harvard Referencing System; ? You are required to produce an Executive summary as part of your report ? it will not count towards 3,500 word count; ? The report should be written in third person; ? Clearly structured with headings and subheadings; :


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