Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

Nursing Theories

Nursing theory refers to a statement that characterizes and explains a particular phenomenon. Theories aim at creating new knowledge and confirming or verifying the existing one and are based on assumptions backed by statements, concepts, and definition.

Also, nursing theory refers to a methodically obtained system that entails abstract and general knowledge that regards a particular aspect of a studied objective which not only describes and explains but also focused of preventing events and phenomenon of nursing that are concerned with it. Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

Nursing model or theory also entails a conceptual framework or tool that is used to understand and represent complex situations in the nursing practice. Thus, nursing model or theory sets principles about the nursing practice which guides the nursing professionals in planning and formulating patient’s care.

This plays a central role in evaluating the success and solves any problem that is linked to such a model. Importantly, nursing models are named after the nurse theorist who initially pronounced them.

Nursing Theories, Models, Concepts

There are various nursing theories which have a wide application in nursing education and professionals:

The Need Theory by Virginia Henderson

This nursing theory emphasizes on the need to enhance client independence in on order to escalate their progression of continuous healing after their hospitalization.  In this theory, Henderson distinguishes between nursing and medicine by articulating that the formal underpins the unique function of assisting people who may be either well or sick and such activities should contribute to the recovery, health wellness or enhancing peaceful death since nurses are endowed with necessary knowledge, will and strength to do this.   Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

Unitary Human Beings by Martha Rogers

The theory articulates that nursing professionals should focus on promoting symphonic interactions between human beings and the environment. Consequently, nurses should be able to direct and redirect the interaction patterns between the environment and the person in order to realize the maximum health potential.

Self-Care Theory by Dorothea Orem

Orem visualizes her theory of a state that is characterized by wholeness in terms of the development of human structure as well as mental and bodily functionality. The theory intertwines the aspects of social, interpersonal, psychological and physical factors.  Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

Orem articulates that people should be responsible and self-reliant and caring for themselves and others such as the family members. Awareness of potential health problems through personal knowledge is critical in promoting self-care behaviors.

The System Model Theory by Betty Nauman

This theory is focused on examining how the client system responds to potential or actual environmental stressors. This helps to design levels of nursing intervention and prevention strategies that will be used to attain, retain as well as maintain the wellness of the client at the optimal level possible. According to Betty, preventing stress invasion to the patient is optimal; however, in case of stress is not preventable, a nurse should focus on protecting the patient basic structure and consequently reach the maximum required level of wellness.

Application of Theories in Nursing

Besides, there are other nursing theories including; the interpersonal theory by Peplau, transcultural nursing theory by Madeleine just but to mention a few. It is important to learn, understand and interpret these theories because they embrace a divergent viewpoint.  To nursing students, learning these theories helps one to comprehend their choice of career, its fluidity, motivation, and vibrancy. Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

Having such knowledge and information on the fingertips is vital because one can be able to formulate their own concept on what it means to be a nurse and the approach to use in utilizing the gained concepts to offer the best care possible, which is not only safest but also that integrates optimal care respect to the patient care

Major Nursing Theories and Nursing Models

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