Martinetti’s approach to market the acquisition in both countries

Management and Diversity

Marketing is the bridge that divides a product or service and the customer. To effectively bridge this divide, marketers mainly apply the four Ps of marketing which include people, price, product, and promotion (Lovelock & Patterson, 2015). Promotion entails a mix of all communication activities that target the customer – effectively forming the marketing mix. Advertising, direct marketing, and public relations are essential elements of any promotional project (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

Some promotional goals that we can discuss with the Sand Coast team include raising brand awareness, achieving a given sales turnover, and availing products in specific regions. These short-term goals are definite and will not require a lot of time and resources. Afterward, we could focus more on medium-term or long-term goals that will take a long time to achieve. Strategic goals can include an intended brand image, a customer-brand relationship, and to build a community of loyal customers (Malhotra & Peterson, 2014).

In light of all these promotional goals, Martinetti has to consider the cultural factors that will affect the promotional strategies. These include factors such as demographics, gender values, and religious beliefs. For instance, we need to determine what is acceptable in the society regarding behavior. This will greatly affect how we design our promotional campaigns to ensure suitability in the market. Marketing research can help us in gaining this insight. Other factors that may influence our promotional campaign include language, rituals, and thought orientations (Hair Jr & Lukas, 2014).

In conclusion, aspects of the promotional strategy that need to be addressed revolve around the communication medium to be used in effectively reaching the market. The method to use will largely depend on the promotional goals to be achieved.

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