NUR NR 505 Advance Research Methods

NUR NR 505 Advance Research Methods: Evidence-based Practice

Compare and contrast two of the models in the Week 6 Lesson. Which would you recommend in this situation and why? The ACE start model is a multidisciplinary approach to integrating new evidence- based information into nursing practice for the purpose of improving the quality of healthcare delivered (Schaffer, Sandau, Diedrick, & 2013) . It aims at discovering interventions that can improve bedside nursing, and identifies how those practices are approved and implemented. There are five steps within this model: (1) discovery of knowledge, (2) evidence summary, (3) translation of evidence into practice, (4) integration of change in practice, and (5) evaluation of impact ( Schaffer et al., 2013 ). Such a model is great for developing clinical practice guidelines using evidence-based practices (EBP). It is a fairly clear and comprehensible model to follow The Advancing Research and Clinical Practice Through Close Collaboration Model (ARCC) also focuses on the implementation of EBP. It strives to maintain EBPs at an organizational level. This model also is compromised of five ste………..

Complete a PICO(T) search on bicycle safety. What does the research say about this issue? Select one of the articles from your search. Identify the descriptive statistics. Is anything missing? To what extent are minorities included in the study? (Is that demographic information available?) How does the descriptive data help you understand the research? PICO(T) question: In children under the age of 18 (P), how does a bicycle helmet safety program (I) compared to no bicycle helmet safety program (C) affect helmet use in preventing brain injury (O)? Wearing a helmet when bicycling is one of the most beneficial things a child can do to avoid the risk for brain injury. It can decrease the probability of head and brain injuries by 63-88% ( Cusimano et al., 2013; Secginli, Cosansu, & Nahcivan, 2014) . That is a significant difference in the reduction of head injuries. In a study created by Cusimano et al. (2013), studies showed that roughly 22 to 40% of bi

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