NURS 1027Nursing Theory II Informative Essay

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NURS 1027Nursing Theory II Informative Essay

For this essay the student will select an RNAO nursing best practice guideline and CNO Nursing Standard that supports the student as topic related to the care of the adult. With this assignment, the student has an opportunity to enhance the studentas nursing knowledge and understanding in the care of the adult.

Discuss the practical nurseas professional role in caring for the family to cope with a loved one diagnosed with ONE of the following conditions (discussed in this course);

A· Caregiving of adults with pressure ulcers

A· Caregiving of the adult diagnosed with chronic kidney disease

A· Promoting control of asthma or dyspnea (COPD) in adults

A· Caregiving of the adult diagnosed with diabetes

The essay format must include:

1. An introduction that clearly identifies the studentas topic and provides a thesis statement (the last sentence in the introduction).

2. A brief statement of the reason(s) behind the studentas interest in the topic that the student has chosen as listed above.

3. An indication of the importance of the topic to practical nursing.

4. A discussion of all 4 areas as outlined below, with focus on the following:

A· relevance of topic to the adult and their family.

A· care of the clients/ family and health teaching related to the topic chosen.

A· role of two members of the interprofessional team (not including the practical nurse) related to the topic chosen.

A· education needed in this topic area for practical nurses to assist the clients and family.

5. A conclusion that captures the main points of the studentas discussion or refocuses the reader on the studentas thesis and any call to action.

6. The essay must be APA formatted.

7. References: a minimum of 4 references from scholarly sources (articles from scholarly journals/ books) must be utilized. Please note that websites such as Wikipedia are not acceptable as references.

Length: 4-5 pages approximately 1 250 words double-spaced

Grading: According to Rubric

Date Due: This essay is due in week 10 of the course at the beginning of class.

Sample Elements of Informative Essay

Introduction: relevance of topic to nursing practice followed by thesis (last sentence in paragraph)

Thesis: __________________________________________________________________

Paragraph #1: reason for choosing topic

Paragraph #2: the importance of the topic to practical nursing (identify RNAO BPG and CNO Nursing Standard)

Paragraph #3: importance of topic to adult and their family

Paragraph #4: care of the clients/ family and health teaching

Paragraph #5: education needed in this area for practical nurses to assist the clients and family

Paragraph#6: conclusion


1. Diabetes mellitus and geriatric syndromes
By Atsushi Araki and Hideki Ito

2. Special considerations for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the elderly
By Michelle A. Fravel, Deanna L. McDanel, Mary B. Ross, Kevin G. Moores and Mary J. Starry

3. Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers
By S. Vuorisalo, M. Venermo, L. Lepantalo

4. Quality of Life and its Predictors for Middle-aged and Elderly Parients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

5. Best practice guideline from

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