Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays

Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays

A research proposal is defined as a written plan of a particular research project. The main purpose of writing a research proposal is to enhance the researcher to not only organize but also to design the project. In addition, a research proposal is used by the research to ensure that critical consideration is taken into account as to why the research should be carried out. It also to help to identify the methods that best fit the purpose of the study. The research proposal should include the following


This is the name of the research that the researcher intends to carry out. The title should be formulated in a way that it has the dual capacity to show the importance of the research being carried out and to hold the same meaning even though the content may be subjected to changes.


An abstract is an important tool that helps to set the research proposal into the contextual work. The abstract gives an idea of what the research proposal is about. Thus, it should encourage the reader to read further into the paper.

Introduction and Background

This section gives an overview and background information about the topic. The writer should discuss why the research problem is important in nursing. This is because the primary purpose of any research is to address the search question. With the help of relevant statistics and findings from literature, the research proposal builds a background that is needed to research on the problem. Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays

Problem Statement

There should be a smooth transition between the introduction and the problem statement. The problem statement should be logically derived from the background information of the research. The statement problem should be an inquiry question that is focused on providing direction to the research work. The researcher should offer an explanation to his or her research and how such an approach will address the research problem.

Aims and Objectives

The researcher should explain the aims and objective of the research proposal. A research proposal, therefore, should have overarching aims that the research targets to accomplish. Objectives are specific and help in achieving the target goals.  Aims and objectives are normally written in bullet points. Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays

Review of the Literature

The literature review is an evaluation and analysis of the previous work in related topics to help the research gain an in-depth on what has been done in this area and the existing gaps. Importantly, the researcher should not just list or summarize the literature rather should perform a synthesis of the key concepts done on related topics.

Theoretical Model

This section provides the researcher with an opportunity to name and define the conceptual and theoretical models that underpin the research proposal. If possible include the diagram of the model at the appendix.

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Research Design and Method

The main aim of this section is to convince the reader that the methods of analysis and the overall research design will adequately address the research problem. The method chosen should be specific to the topic and should be discussed comprehensively including the methodological approaches used to gather the necessary information. The following components should be included; population and sample, data collection, sources of research, consistency, applicability and data analysis. Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays

Ethical Considerations

Medical research underpins ethical and moral problems that are likely to be encountered in the process of data collection. As such, the researcher should ensure that special care is adhered to meet the set ethical standards. For instance, the participants have the right to protection from harm and discomfort, right to confidentiality and autonomy among others. Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays


When preparing the research budget, the researcher should predict the estimated cost for the research. The budget should account for aspects such as; rising costs delay and should be justified.


Document all the reference material used in consistency with a given referencing style.


Document the appendices in order to support the proposal as well as its application. This may include; patient information, questionnaire, measuring tools and supporting documents.

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Nursing Research Proposal-Nursing Essays

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