Nursing Teaching Plan for Pneumonia Nursing Essay

Nursing Teaching Plan for Pneumonia Nursing Essay

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You will support your patient teaching plan & content with at least one evidence-based reference & develop behavioral objectives, a teaching plan. This assignment is focused on patient teaching not staff teaching so be sure to develop the topic based on what patients need to know.

An example of this could be choosing the topic of Diabetes with a teaching focus of insulin administration or a topic of asthma with a focus on asthma triggers. Another example could be the topic of Sedentary patients with a focus of getting patients moving. Limit your focus to one item, it would be incorrect to list insulin administration and signs of symptoms of hypoglycemia or with asthma triggers adding treatment. Please think carefully about your topic and focus and choose something that you could possibly use in your current clinical practice. Think about the last time you taught a patient and how you decided what was important to include.

Keep in mind that a Behavioral Objective has four (4) components: the Condition, the Learner, the Behavior and the Criterion.

It�s also important to identify the Learning Domain (psychomotor, cognitive, or affective) for the Behavioral Objective, so that when you�re planning to teach a patient or caregiver, you will know how to measure whether or not the learner has met this objective.

All submissions must be in APA format. Your paper should contain 2 separate documents: 1. a teaching plan in landscape view and 2. a reference page. Both documents need to have correct margins, and no personal pronouns.

Please include the following:

Identify the target audience for your teaching plan, and an example of the ideal audience. You may draw from your experience as a nurse involved with patient teaching.
Identify the goal (outcome) of the teaching session. The goal should be broad in nature, yet be supported and achievable by the objectives.

Please include the following in a table format (landscape) as shown in the example paper:

Column One: Write three correctly formatted behavioral objectives to meet the goal, identifying the learner, performance, condition, and a specific criterion in each objective. Identify the learning domain following each objective.
Column Two: Content Outline (bullets) for each objective. This area should be concise, but provide clarity of what you will be teaching the patient.
Column Three: Teaching strategies / methods.
Column Four: Time Allotted for each objective
Column Five: Resources: This is anything you are utilizing in your teaching. For example: Mannequins, Glucometer, Pictures, and Handouts, etc. Any written material or handouts listed in your Resources should be included on your reference sheet and in the table in the resources column next to the name of the handout.
Column Six: Evaluation Methods: This area describes how you are measuring your outcome to the learning session. If testing is an evaluation method is chosen, please identify written or verbal and an expected accuracy for completion of the session. Any written testing needs to be included on your reference page.


Please include at least one current (5 years or less), Evidence Based Practice (EBP) reference that supports the content of your plan, (textbooks, guidelines, policy, etc).

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