Orientation to the Dissertation Process forensic science

Orientation to the Dissertation Process forensic science

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Section 1: Orientation to the Dissertation Process Course Resources The Resources area for this course contains a variety of reference materials that will help you to complete the course activities. It is suggested that you become familiar with these resources before you begin the activities. While textbooks are often integral for a doctoral-level course, increasing emphasis on primary sources is expected. In every doctoral-level course, students should find, read, and comment on peer-reviewed articles and synthesize their readings with their own ideas. Library References used for research need to be peer reviewed/scholarly journals, which can be found by searching the Northcentral University Library databases. These journals typically have the following characteristics: ? Articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication. ? Articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field. ? Articles report on original research or experimentation. ? Articles are often published by professional associations. ? Articles utilize terminology associated with the discipline. Information literacy is a set of skills that help you to find and appropriately apply information. The Northcentral University Library has developed a tutorial based on the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Information Literacy Standards and is intended to raise awareness on how one effectively interacts with information. Review the Information Literacy Tutorial to become familiar with information literacy at Northcentral. Academic Success Center (ASC) Northcentral values your progress and success as a scholarly writer. Please access the Academic Success Center (ASC) from your student home page to see a wide variety of writing tips and examples to help you as you compose written submissions for this and other Northcentral courses. The Academic Success Center (ASC) also contracts with SmartThinking, an online 24/7 tutoring service that offers assistance in mathematics, statistics, finance, and writing. You can contact SmartThinking from the home page of the Academic Success Center (ASC). Dissertation Center The Dissertation Center is a valuable reference area for research methods and products specific to Northcentral standards. You will find a rich variety of resources that will help you through the scholarly research process, as well as a complete collection of dissertations written by Northcentral Ph.D. students. Introduction Welcome to Planning Dissertation Research in Business! This is the final course in the BTM sequence. After you complete it, you will write your Comprehensive Examination (Comps). Once you successfully complete Comps, you will be a Doctoral Candidate and will formally begin the process of writing your Dissertation. Your first step will be to select a Chair and other Dissertation Committee members. Then you will write your Concept Paper, your Dissertation Proposal, do your research, and write and defend your Dissertation Manuscript. This course embodies the French saying, ?reculer pour mieux sauter?: stepping back in order to jump farther: taking everything you have learned and accomplished in your doctoral studies and: sharpening your skills, bringing your sources up to date, deepening your knowledge of your topic area, developing a plan to do your dissertation and strategies for self-care, and, finally, developing a draft of the Concept Paper that you will finalize in your first DIS course. Required Reading: Please refer to each Activity for required readings within Activity Resources. Assignment 1 Your Topic Area This week you will focus on the topic area for your dissertation. Throughout the course, you will engage in activities to prepare you for the dissertation process, culminating in a draft concept paper. Activity Resources ?NCU Guidebook Applied Degree 2013 ?Doctoral Candidacy Resource Guide (DCRG) ?NCU Template Applied Degree CP 2013 Main Task: Introduce Your Topic To collect your thoughts on your project, check your understanding of the dissertation process, orient your Instructor to your topic area, and begin a dialogue with your Instructor about defining a problem and developing a dissertation study, submit a paper (plus a reference list) in which you: 1.describe your topic area and your thoughts on possible problems in the area that would allow you to make a contribution to theory; and 2.identify areas in the Northcentral dissertation process you want to better understand and ask your Instructor questions about them. The main point of this assignment is to bring your instructor up to date on your thinking about your project. Your instructor will give you feedback on whether your topic and problem ideas are ?feasible, interesting, worthy, and relevant.?

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