Performance: Advertising & Brand management Custom Essay

Performance: Advertising & Brand management Custom Essay

Assignment: This paper is based on your experience with the simulation in Q 1-2. Due by Saturday by midnight. The submission link will ‘disappear’ at that time. Use as many examples as you can to show me your logic for making the decisions – I am interested in both the “Why” and the “How”. When numbers are required, quote them generously. Assume that I have no clue about what you are presenting – I need to see detail and depth of understanding Answer the following 4 questions: 1. Discuss your market share at the end of Q2 – use graphs if necessary for clarity – how did you do vs. your competitors – where did you gain and where did you lose out? What role did pricing play in this? (25 pts) 2. Discuss your “Advertising & Brand management” decisions – what steps can you take to improve this? What is the impact of ‘media preferences and placement’ on purchase decisions – give your specific experiences (25 pts) 3. Discuss and detail your sales force productivity – going forward, how can you improve the performance – you may want to look at ‘Demand per sales person’(25 pts) 4. Look at both your Revenue and Net income – explain what happened – what decisions contributed to these. What steps can you take to increase both performance indicators? (25 pts) • Type in a word document and attach • Minimum of 2-3 pages single spaced • No need to type in the questions – Just indicate the Question # • Please spellcheck and format so the paper looks professional • Cite any sources that you use ——————————————- I will provide my simulation information here, so you can go to the website and see the things I did.

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