Potential contamination of frozen berries sourced from China

Business Communication and Context G

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This project addresses topics the course including:

Media communications (BE)

Media relations(JC)

Public Communication (BE)

Task:                A Media Release

You are the Public Relations manager for Patties Foods

The company has had some issues recently with potential contamination of frozen berries sourced from China. and is about to release a new product – frozen avocado pieces;

Prepare a press release (max 1 Page) announcing this product and identify at least 5 publications and contacts at those publications (max 1 page) for this release.

Format:                              Submit as a word document


Length:                                               Total no more than 2 x A4 pages;

1page Press Release,  1 page for contacts

Font and text size:                       Arial, 12 point, single spacing

Background and resources :  




Nanna’s has launched a great new product – frozen avocado pieces – available all year round, ready to use, straight from your freezer. Nanna’s uses deliciously ripe and creamy Hass Avocados, peeled and diced into chunky pieces, snap frozen and packed in 800g resealable bags, available in the supermarket freezer section, from $9.50.

There are approximately 5 avocados in a pack, with no pip, no peel, just premium quality diced avocado flesh.  And because they’re stored in your freezer, there’s no waste either. Nanna’s Frozen Fruit Senior Brand Manager, Sue Clohesy, says Nanna’s frozen Avocado Pieces are perfect for a wide range of occasions.

“They’re great for making guacamole, an impromptu smashed avocado breakfast, creamy dairy-free smoothies and desserts, or just tossing through a salad. “And because they have a light citric coating, they won’t lose their delicious avocado colour,” Ms Clohesy said.

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