Practicum Licensure & Personal Plan Worksheet

Practicum Licensure & Personal Plan Worksheet

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Complete the attached Practicum Licensure and Personal Plan Worksheet. Type your responses directly onto the worksheet. Make sure to include in-text citations from your sources when completing your justifications; citations must be presented in APA format. Use APA citations for each part of the assignment as indicated in the worksheet instructions. Include an APA reference page. Solid academic writing is expected.

Practicum: Cite appropriate questions in this section using the Practicum Manual.
For Students Using Typhon System Only:

Question Answer Justifications (How did you come up with your answer?)
How and when would you begin to search for your practicum site?
What steps would you take to secure a practicum site?
What are the top two questions you would ask a supervisor interviewing you?
List how many practicum hours are required by your state. List how many practicum hours are required by GCU. Discuss the difference between direct and indirect hours and how many you will need of each during pre-practicum and following practicum course(s).

What documentation do you need to have in place before you begin your practicum?
Summarize your goals that you would like to achieve by the time you complete the practicum.

Licensure: Cite the appropriate state board website information. Do not contact your state behavioral health board.

Question Answer Justifications (How did you come up with your answer?)
What licenses does your Behavioral Board cover?
What are three main differences between two of these licenses?
Are there stepping stone licenses in your state such as LAC to LPC? What are their differences?
What are three of the main differences between the licensure requirements of the Addictions Counselor and the Professional or Mental Health Counselor?
What licenses/certifications does your behavioral health board cover?
What does it take in your state to be a specialist in your field?

What is a reciprocal license? Briefly discuss reciprocal licensure in your state?

Personal Plan
Question Answer Justifications (How did you come up with your answer?)
What is your chosen field of study?
Where do you want to be one year after graduation?

Do you have plans to be in private practice? If so, what would you need to consider in developing the plan of action?

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