PSYC1003 Developing Psychology Thinking

PSYC1003 Developing Psychology Thinking

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This paper will attempt to prove, Divorces are not always welcomed but there are many reasons and instances where Divorce is good and so much better for many of today’s families. There are many everyday psychological and emotional consequences divorces have had on women, many men and especially children who go through this process. Not all marriages can meet or continue to survive the pressures of unity. This paper will show reasons that sometimes as stated by Kendler, H. H. (1987) “A Good Divorce is Better Than A Bad Marriage” for both Children and Adults. The divorce percentage in the United States is the greatest in humankind. Over Half of marriages end in divorce. So come on let’s join to the masses.Does divorce always have to be negativeEvery Divorce is a not grim and painful process, divorce must not be chosen without duethought and planning, it is not a conviction of failure for adults or children. Frequently it releasesindividuals from circumstances that can leave lasting destruction upon everyone. There is not asingle person who has ever divorced that thought the prospect of divorce was an exciting project,Yet According to an article by Ahrons” (2013) “Although good divorces are as varied as goodmarriages, they have important common denominators — namely, the absence of malice and amutual concern for the well-being of children”. Harmonious divorces are conceivable and havevery good results, however it requires dedication and discipline, of all parties involved have totake into account the significance of continuing stability in their lives and the kid’s lives. Livingin a bad marriage can sometimes lead to a peacefully great divorce because both parties are readyfor an e……………….

PSYC1003 Developing Psychology Thinking

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