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Research Paper Writing Skills

Title page: This is always the first page of any research paper. The title page should always be well formatted as it carries the impression of the whole work.

The format in which a research paper is written is mostly determined by the intended journal in which it has to be published as well as the reviewer.

The title page should include the following mandatory elements: The title of the article: this should be as specific and communicative as possible, not so long and not so short as it should bring the real impression of what the work is about. Research Paper Writing Skills

It should also have the name of the authors as well as the school affiliation. Depending on the style of formatting, it can have a running head.

Abstract: An abstract is a summary of the major issues within the whole paper in a well prescribed sequence. In many instances, it should be a maximum of 300 words put in a single paragraph.

The components of the abstract include: the overall purpose for which the study was carried out, the methodology or basic design used to carry out the study as well as the major findings. Research Paper Writing Skills

Introduction: This is always a tricky part. However, a good introduction has to attract the attention of readers. However it should start by announcing the topic and explaining what the focus area will be. It is in this area that key words and specific concepts have to be explained and expounded on.

Introduction should also include the literature comparison of what other people have done and how novel the author intends to make his/her work. Research Paper Writing Skills

Statement of the problem: A problem statement is basically used to bring out the gap that exists in a certain area of study as per the literature and how the author intends to fill that gap. It is therefore a claim which brings out the problem the researcher is trying to solve. Research Paper Writing Skills

Methodology: Methodology is meant to respond to two questions; how the idea was generated or collected and how it was eventually analyzed. In this area, the writing should be so concise and clear to an extent that a similar methodology can be adopted and similar results expected.

Results: Depending on the nature of the work: qualitative or quantitative study, the results should include: figures and tables, summary of methods, what the outcome of the study was including a comprehensive discussion of the results as well as a conclusion. As results don’t exist in vacuum, comparative with other scholars is mandatory.

Discussion: It is a continuation of results. It gives a clear explanation of what was obtained as results and what other scholars say about it. Research Paper Writing Skills

Study limitations: Limitations of the study should be carefully written as not to degrade the findings. It can however include what could not be achieved by the study.

Bibliography: This outlines the sources that the author has used in writing the paper. The references are written in accordance with the referencing style that was recommended.

Research Paper Writing Skills

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