Saint MGT325 module 1 discussion latest 2016 june

Saint MGT325 module 1 discussion latest 2016 june

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Module 1 Discussion

Instructor to add discussion question.

Maximizing Profit vs. Mazimizing Shareholder Wealth

1. Should a company emphasize profit or shareholder wealth? Or should both be emphasized? Explain.

2. Should ethics and social responsibility play a part in maximizing profit or shareholder wealth?

Saint MGT325 module 2 discussion latest 2016 june


1. Investigate some of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act’s provisions for companies from the Internet, periodicals, or academic journals. Select one of these provisions, briefly describe it, and indicate why you think (or don’t think) financial statements will be more trustworthy if company financial executives implement this provision of SOX.

Saint MGT325 module 3 discussion latest 2016 june


The Lion Corp.(LC) issues a 30 year callable bond which is also convertible to 50 shares of LC common stock. Explain why LC would issue a bond with these features as opposed to just issuing a the bond without such options. As a bondholder, would you necessarily convert these bonds when the price of the stock reaches $22? Why or why not? Feel free to give examples in your response

Saint MGT325 module 4 discussion latest 2016 june


Risk is a major concern of almost all investors. When shareholders invest their money in a firm, they expect managers to take risk with those funds. What do you think are the ethical limits that managers should observe when taking risk with other people’s money? You may also consider this question considering an investment in a mutual fund, therefore, you would be discussing the mutual fund manager’s role.

Saint MGT325 module 5 discussion latest 2016 june

Module 5 Discussion

Financial executives insist that there should be no separation between an individual’s personal ethics and his or her business ethics. “It’s a jungle out there” and “business is business” should not be excuses for engaging in unethical behavior. Many firms have ethics codes which are based on economically rational concepts such as integrity and trustworthiness, which guide the decision maker in attempting to increase shareholder wealth. Of course, some employees sometimes choose to not comply with their firm’s ethics code.

How do ethics codes apply to project selection and capital budgeting? What are the potential risks to a company of unethical behaviors by employees? What are potential risks to the public and to stakeholders? Please explain how Saint Leo’s core value of integrity is reflected in your answer.

Saint MGT325 module 6 discussion latest 2016 june

Capital Budgeting

According to research, NPV and IRR are the most used methods of determining capital budgeting decisions. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of these and any other methods you deem relevant. Finally, state the method you would use as a financial manager and explain why.

Saint MGT325 module 7 discussion latest 2016 june


Module 7 Discussion
Saint MGT325 full course (discussions+Writing Assignment+Spreadsheet Project) latest 2016” alt=” “>Dividends


1. Gertrude and Gus are retired and have a substantial amount of savings in CDs. With rates near zero they are looking for a higher return and find a large company with a long history of paying dividends (30 years). The dividend yield is a whopping 5.4%. The company maintains a constant payout ratio of 80%. They are considering putting a portion of their savings in this stock and want your expert financial advice. Please provide Gert and Gus the positives and negatives of such a purchase.

Saint MGT325 module 8 discussion latest 2016 june

Module 8 Discussion

Is there a conflict between maximizing shareholder wealth and never paying bribes when doing business abroad? If so, how might you explain the firm’s position to shareholders asking why the company does not pay bribes when its foreign competitors in various nations clearly do so? Please explain how Saint Leo’s core value of responsible stewardship is reflected in your answer.

 Saint MGT325 Module 7 Writing Assignment latest 2016 june

Select a publicly traded company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or on the NASDAQ to analyze. Please note that it is usually easier to find more recent information on larger or well-known companies. The analysis in your essay should answer the questions noted on the Writing Assignment Guidelines and Rubric.

ClickWriting Assignment Guidelines and Rubric for further details and requirements of this assignment.

The Writing Assignment is to be 750 – 1,250 words in length.

You are advised to continue working on the Writing Assignment. Don’t forget – it is due in Module 7.

Saint MGT325 Module 5 Spreadsheet Project latest 2016 june

This project will emphasize personal finance problems. Complete the Spreadsheet Project by clicking the”MFL Assignments” link located in the Course Home menu on the left. All questions in the spreadsheet project should be answered in MyFinanceLab.

In addition to answering the Spreadsheet Project questions in MyFinanceLab, you will submit a spreadsheet showing your work. Each problem should be answered on a clearly labeled separate worksheet of a spreadsheet. Answers should be formatted in a manner that makes the answers clear and easy to read. Each of the following Excel functions should be used to calculate at least one of the answers: FV, PV, PMT, RATE, NPER, NPV, AVERAGE, STDEV, and IRR. Calculating the answers elsewhere and typing or pasting them into the spreadsheet is unacceptable. When turned in, the spreadsheet project should be a single file readable in Microsoft Excel.

Complete the Spreadsheet Project in MyFinanceLabno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

Submit the Spreadsheet Project to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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