School Life-Hacks: Minimizing Your Stress

School Life-Hacks: Minimizing Your Stress

College life begins with joy and excitement, at least for the first few weeks. As time goes by, unanticipated reality starts to set in. You are on your own and although you have classmates, the school environment is totally different.

The little things you took for granted while leaving with your parents begin to make sense. Something as basic as doing laundry becomes a headache. Unlike at home, detergents are in short supply. Although your mom drove you crazy about ensuring dishes are clean, you always had a clean glass or plate to grab.

Well dear student, higher learning can be a rude awakening for you, and we have several tips for you to make college life bearable and somehow enjoyable.

Where is my food?

Sharing accommodation with strangers is not for the faint-hearted. Hunger is common among newly admitted college students. The dorm typically only has a single fridge, and that is where you put your last piece of snack, now it is nowhere to be found. Labels or not, your precious snack will disappear, and no amount of tantrums will get it back.

The fix

  1. Instead of snacks, buy a fruit and put it on your desk- besides being healthier, its rarely stolen
  2. Take your meal in the cafeteria and store it inside your stomach.
  3. Encourage food sharing in your dorm
  4. Pack your foodstuff in zip-lock bags with dark spots clearly drawn. This makes your food look spoiled

When will I make friends?

Now this is the most challenging issue. You were a celebrity in high school and now no one seems to notice your presence.

The Fix

  1. Hold conversations with your peers. Go to events. Speak in the morning, speak in the afternoon. When you arrive, everyone notices. University can be a lonely environment if you do not mingle.
  2. When your classmate invites you for a group discussion, seize the opportunity. Your old high school friends are unlikely to be there with your again, ever. Actually, they are in a different institution facing the same challenges.
  3. Look for various academic clubs. Join a number and leave the ones that do not add value to your life.
School Life-Hacks: Minimizing Your Stress

School Life-Hacks: Minimizing Your Stress

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