Strategy Management (RIM case study)

Strategy Management (RIM case study)

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Strategy Management (RIM case study)Assignment 2 Walk-Thru Assessment 2: LO 1, 2 and 3 You are to produce a fully referenced business report of approximately 2000 words +/- 10% that uses an appropriate set of tools and techniques to analyse a strategic business issues (s) within your organisation. The report should address the following issues: Brief introduction to an organisation and the sector it operates in ? Outline of the strategic business issue ? contextualised within the organisational setting, including an overview of relevant strategic decisions that led to the current position (discussed through relevant literature, tools and techniques). Critical analysis, with justification of the perceived strategic issue, including its impact on relevant stakeholders (discussed through relevant literature, tools and techniques). Relevant conclusions ? Recommendations (if appropriate) Bibliography of cited works Assignment Marking Criteria The report should not be merely descriptive, but should critically analyse & synthesise the material to build arguments that ultimately produce a coherent document that demonstrates your learning and understanding, and its application to the real world ? specifically your current employer. We expect to see evidence of higher-order questioning & reading from a range of reputable sources, e.g. academic journals, published conference papers, books, edited editions, e-books, e-journals, electronic databases, etc. Marks will be awarded for: 1. Outline of the strategic business issue ? contextualised within the organisational setting. (25 marks) 2. Critical analysis with justification (discussed through relevant literature, tools and techniques) of the perceived strategic issue. (65 marks) 3. Relevant conclusions (and recommendations if appropriate) (10 marks) 1 Suggested Format 1. Introduction(200 Words) a. Company Overview: b. Issues/Challengues c. Motivation to investigate this company [Research Question(s)] ? 2. Identify Current Strategy a. Current Strategy Analysis a.i. Stratgeic Purpose a.ii. Strategies a.ii.1. Mission a.ii.2. Vision a.ii.3. Corporate Objectives a.iii. Strategic Capabilities 3. Conduct Situation Evaluation (1500 words) a. Stakeholders Analysise List the external, connected and internal stakeholders, and discuss how their needs conflict b. External Environment Analysis b.i. PEST Analysis Please focus on the facts related to RMI and highlight the implications to RMI. b.ii. Porter?s 5 Forces Analysis 2 Please focus on the facts related to RMI and highlight the implications for RMI. b.iii. Strategic Groups Discover the influences of connected stakeholders and their impact] on profitability c. Internal Environment Analysis c.i. Markting Stratety Analysis c.ii. Porter 3 Generic Analysis c.iii. Business Life Cycle [Really just reflecting on the share price chart to suggest why the company is no longer competitive due to stakeholders influence] c.iv. BCG Matrix Analysis c.v. Ansoff Matrix Analysis VRIN [Focus in staregic capabiltites rather thann products] c.vii. Value Chain [A simple Value Chain will do] c.viii. Strategy Canvass [To demonstrate if they have a Blue Ocean Strategy or not] 4. Formulate Specific Strategy (300 Words) a. Recommendate strategy a.i. Coorporate Level a.ii. Business Level a.iii. Functional Level Note 1. Don?t need put big paragraph and descriptive text. Key point and related are the good style. 2. We chosen RIM as the target company to analysis, and obviously they had quite a few problem/issues like market share down, sales revenue down, can?t adapt for consumer market?.. 3 3. My recommendation il suggest RIM to change its strategy purpose (re-invent), adjust their stategy and stragy capabilities as following: . Focus on Enterprise Market with mobile mobile and secure solution . Spin off the hardware devices division, change BB OS as open source platform, allow any phone vendors use it in consumer market. please kindly let me know your view, thanks! 3. at least 20 references, here are the recommendated ones:

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