Ten Steps to Writing Nursing Essays

Ten Steps to Writing Nursing Essays

The ability to write an academically sound essay is an essential skill for an individual not only for the purpose of academics but also within the professional sector. The first step along the path to constructing a properly written essay is to follow the correct format and structure. The basic structure of an academic essay is easy to follow.

Ten Steps to Writing an Essay:
  • Know Your Subject: read the essay question thoroughly. Before we begin to write your essay we will take the time to understand exactly what it is your instructor is looking for.
  • Research: complete any and all necessary reading and research necessary to write the essay. We will pair you with a professional writer with experience on the topic at hand, thus streamlining the research process.
  • Development: brainstorm and develop your response to the essay question.
  • Thesis: develop a thesis statement that encapsulates a response to the essay question.
  • Outline: write and outline to organize your paper.
  • Introduction: open a discussion, indicate all questions to be answered within the essay, name any resources to be discussed, and clearly introduce your thesis.
  • Main Body: ensures all paragraphs have the main idea, start each paragraph with a topic sentence, provide support for every point you introduce, and revisit your thesis.
  • Conclusion: summarize your main ideas, demonstrate how you have proven your thesis, finish with a thought-provoking, relevant comment
  • Revisions: edit your first draft. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Delete any information that is not relevant to your thesis. This step may require multiple revisions.
  • Final Draft: when necessary add footnotes and bibliography.

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Ten Steps to Writing Nursing Essays

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