The purpose of this paper is to interpret the two articles identified as most important to the group

The purpose of this paper is to interpret the two articles identified as most important to the group. Transforming care at the bedside (TCAB): Enhancing direct care and value-added care.

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Journal of Nursing Management. 21. 668-678. topic. which are Dearmon, V., Roussel, L., Buckner, E., Mulekar, M., Pomrenke, B., Salas, S., ? Brown, A. (2013). Transforming care at the bedside (TCAB): Enhancing direct care and value-added care. Journal of Nursing Management. 21. 668-678. Radtke, K. (2013). Improving Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Communication Using Bedside Shift Report. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 27(1), 19-25. doi:10.1097/nur.0b013e3182777011 Problem 1. Problem is described: What is the focus of your group?s work? 2. Significance of the problem is described: What health outcomes result from your problem? Or what statistics document this is a problem? You may find support on websites for government or professional organizations. 3. Purpose of your paper: What will your paper do or describe? ?The purpose of this paper is to . . .? **Please note that although most of these questions are the same as you addressed in paper 1, the purpose of this paper is different. You can use your work from paper 1 for items 1 and 2 above, including any suggestions for improvement provided as feedback. Item 3 above should be specific to this paper. Description of Findings: Summary a. Summary omits no more than one required item from the Evidence Matrix Table. Description of Findings: Description b.Describe in the body of the paper the following. ? What concepts have been studied? ? What methods have been used? ? Who are the participants or members of the samples? ? What instruments have been used? Did the authors describe the reliability and validity? ? How do you answer your original ?purpose of this paper? question? Do the findings of the articles provide evidence for your answers? If so, how? If not, what is still needed to be able to answer your question? ? What is needed for the next step? Identify two questions that can help guide the group?s work. Description of Findings: Conclusion Review major findings in your paper in a summary paragraph. ? Independently extracts complex data from a variety of quantitative sources, presents those data in summary form, makes appropriate connections and inferences consistent with the data, and relates them to a larger context. ? Recognizes points of view and value assumptions in formulating interpretation of data collected and articulates the point of view in a given situation. ? Identifies misrepresentations in the presentation of quantitative data and the logical and empirical fallacies in inferences drawn from data.

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