Unit 7 Assignment PS522- Final

Unit 7 Assignment PS522- Final

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Alissa is a five year old girl who engages in tantruming behavior by kicking, crying and throwing objects to escape commands. Alissa was observed for a full week at different times of the day. She has a tantrum seventeen times throughout the week while being observed. These tantrums happen at different times of the day for different tasks that she needs to be completing. Instead of asking for help or verbalizing herself by using appropriate language, Alissa will start to tantrum. The observational data shows that Alissa has a hard time communicating with others and the result is to tantrum. It is suggested that a functional behavior assessment is conducted. A functional behavior assessment is an approach that incorporates a variety of techniques and strategies to diagnose the causes and to identify likely interventions intended to address problem behaviors. In other words, the FBA looks beyond the demonstrated behavior and focuses, instead, upon identifying biological, social, affective, and environmental factors that initiate, sustain, or end the target behavior. This approach is important because it leads the observer beyond the “symptom” (the behavior) to the underlying motivation for it. Client: Alissa Lago Date: 10/13/15 Sources of Data: Scatterplot data Interview information reported by: Her Teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez. Completed by: Laura Cabrera, Behavior Analyst DESCRIBE PROBLEM BEHAVIOR(S)
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Unit 7 Assignment Describe in specific and observable terms. What does the behavior look/sound like? Describe. Alissa’s observable behavior is tantruming. Trantruming starts when Alissa is given a task to complete that she has no interest in completing at the time. She will start to cry and kick and on occasion will throw objects. Estimated frequency: The behavior occurs at least two times every day for one week. TRIGGERS/ANTECEDENT What typically occurs before or during behavior? Specific demands or situations? Typically before the problem behavior occurs Alissa is given a task to complete. The task could be to brush her teeth before bed or answering a question in class. Where is the behavior most likely to occur? What locations? The behavior is likely to occur during her time in school either in class, during lunch or in the playground. The behavior also frequently occurs at home. With whom? When? The behavior is likely to occur in the presence of her teacher, her playground aid, her mother and her father. Setting Events? Home difficulties, peer influence, etc.? The settings in which Alissa demonstrates this behavior doesn’t seem to be based on influences from peers as she is the only one engaging in this behavior and the behavior occurs when she is given a task th

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