Urban Planning as an Opera Custom Essay

Urban Planning as an Opera Custom Essay

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For your Writing Assignment#1 (WA#1) please respond to the following questions: 1) Drawing upon both the article (Urban Planning as an Opera – ATTACHED) and other readings so far, is making the analogy that Public Sector Planning is indeed like an opera fair or unfair, applicable or inapplicable, Why or Why not? (be sure and provide examples) 2) Based on your readings so far; What do you see is most critical to successful public sector planning and What do you see would be most challenging in accomplishing as part of the planning process as a Public Sector Manager and Why? (be sure and give examples) 3) Finally, What has struck you and made the deepest impression so far in your reading about the planning process and Why? FORMAT: You can certainly cut and paste the 3 questions into the body of your paper and respond to them in essay form, being sure to support your position with textual examples, evidence and data. If you simply share your opinion with no support you will lose points. I posted the article to get you thinking about these topics already now I look for a scholarly approach to this essay paper. IMPORTANT: I also am looking for you to weave the responses together in your essay in the sense that there should be some cohesiveness in your overall essay and be sure and have a conclusion that ties together the 3 responses and your final thoughts. INCLUDE: TITLE PAGE (your name, my name, course name, date and title of your essay, for ex: WA#1 Planning Process So Far…) Bibliography: list sources you refer to or quote in your essay fully (author name, title, publisher, date, pages) In-Body citations: Use abbreviated citations in your essay, so for ex: …There are 75% public sector managers that say planning is crucial (Smith, 2014) …then in your bibliography you’d have for ex: Smith, John, “Public Sector Study” (4th ed) USA Publishers, 2014 Length: 5 Pages – Double spaced, 12 point font, standard margins

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