Using the criteria in the prospectus template, how would you evaluate your work to date if you were using the assessment criteria to complete the assignment rubric and grade this assignment? Why?

Using the criteria in the prospectus template, how would you evaluate your work to date if you were using the assessment criteria to complete the assignment rubric and grade this assignment? Why?

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I started the doctoral program (PhD) in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology on December 10, 2014. Throughout the doctoral journey and the 16 courses completed as of today July 6, 2017,it was in PSY 801, the introduction to doctoral studies did I learn the basics of literature review, research question, critical thinking, and methodology. Following this course, the advance social psychology course and the historical systems in psychology course, I learned more on theoretical frameworks in psychology, and utilization of the comparison matrix. Then as I delved in to the industrial/organizational psychology courses, the focus was a lot on topics of industrial/organizational psychology, human resource management, and leadership topics that was relevant and applicable to my field and I applied them to my committee work in community colleges and program review and club organizations. However, during this time I did not nor shall I say asked to address the research prospectus or research draft of my dissertation. The discussions, however in each of these courses did ask about the dissertation topic and interest on subject matter, however, it was not until in these two courses PSY 828 and PSY 847 in which both courses that were taught by Dr. Sherry Spitzer did we focus on dissertation research draft and prospectus. It was in these courses where I did have a chance to back track and focus and hone in on my dissertation topic of interest and focus on the research draft and dissertation prospectus.

2. My area of interest is the emotional intelligence (EI) of millennials in career and employment choices.  I want to know how and why millennials prepare for a career and chose an employer.  While I am finding a lot of information on EI and a lot of information on millennials, finding a gap that combines the two has been difficult.  I did find a study from Abiola and Salaka (2014) regarding job satisfaction of Nigerian police officers, but this was more of a job satisfaction and not why or how they chose their careers.  I found another study by Calk and Patrick (2017) regarding the notion that millennials are diverse in their motivators and that appealing to millennials’ motivating factors will help organizations find a potential new generation of qualified employees.  However, this one focused more on the company’s ability to find potential employees and not how or why a person picks the company.

With regards to themes, I am finding that theme that represent the millennials are very similar to the themes of EI.  EI looks at self-awareness, self-management, being socially aware and having social skills (Goleman, 2015). Millennials value teamwork, personal productivity, self-management, personally fulfilling work, and social consciousness (Calk & Patrick, 2017). With regards to the assessment criteria, I would say that I am at a 1.5 overall with some being higher and some being lower.

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