What are some of the ways that authentic leaders must become more culturally sensitive?

1) In this module you have learned about how authentic leaders interact with others in culturally meaningful ways. What are some of the ways that authentic leaders must become more culturally sensitive? Give specific examples from your workplace on how you’ve seen authentic leaders integrate a multicultural understanding and sensitivity into their professional practice.

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REAL LIFE APPLICATION: In what ways are you applying greater sensitivity and multicultural understanding to how you relate to others in your workplace? Support and justify your opinions with credible reference sources.

2)This case involves a healthcare system consisting of five clinics serving nearly two million residents in a large metropolitan area and treating more than 500,000 patients annually. In preparation for the implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) system for the five clinics, the healthcare system implemented an electronic document/content management (ED/CM) system to handle the imaging, indexing, and storage of selected hard copy documents from active patient paper medical records so that in the future, to support continuity of care needs, key documents would be retrievable through the EHR system.

However, the healthcare system lacked the level of internal information technology (IT) and health information services staff resources required to manage the implementation of hardware/software and to handle the actual paper conversion process, so these aspects of the project were outsourced.

The outsourced company installed hardware and software, redesigned workflow in the health information services department, collaborated with the health information management professionals to redesign standardized patient record forms, and worked with IT staff to develop interfaces that would allow for scanned images to be fed into the EHR system. The outsourced company also managed the preparation, scanning, indexing, and quality control activities associated with the actual paper conversion process.

As the healthcare system prepares to select an outsource company as its vendor for this project, what types of information should it give to and gather from each vendor under consideration?
What are the potential benefits a healthcare system could gain from implementing a document imaging and management project prior to implementing an EHR system?

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