Assignment 2 Ethical Issues and Foreign Investments

Assignment 2 Ethical Issues and Foreign Investments

By the due date assigned, analyze the following scenario:

There are multifaceted ethical issues relating to international investments. One aspect relates to human rights. Most Latin American governments have constitutions that mandate health care as a human right, yet some of these countries provide poor health care for the majority of their population.

During the 1980s, the general populace of these countries deteriorated, even though several Latin American countries developed strategies to reposition medical personnel and services to rural areas. Throughout this time, many international donors provided assistance; however they did so with imposed conditions. An example of this constrained assistance was the World Bank, which imposed restrictions that included privatization of health care, as well as required limitations on universal access.

Did the World Bank and other international donors act responsibly and ethically in constraining their humanitarian assistance? Who has the responsibility for the health care of the Latin American people? Is it a reasonable and socially responsible practice to offer international assistance in exchange for an opportunity to shape a country’s political and/or social system? Why or why not?

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Assignment 2 Ethical Issues and Foreign Investments

Question One

The World Bank and other international donors indeed acted responsibly, however, their actions in constraining the humanitarian assistance is not in accordance with ethical requirements. It is worth noting that the World Bank was bestowed the primary responsibility to assist in rebuilding countries affected by the destruction that took place during the World War I (Walter & Urkidi, 2017). After achieving the first objective, the World Bank would then provide assistance to the Latino American. Following the giving restriction for the contract, the World Bank had the responsibility of preventing the privation of the healthcare organizations.

Consequently, this will have helped to reduce or eliminate chances of overcharging the healthcare services, which would ensure that Latin Americans who could barely afford such services were catered for. From an ethical perspective, it can be argued that the restrictions by the World Bank and international donors were harmful or disadvantaged some communities in the Latin American. In fact, the action of the World Bank to allow for privation through public funds acquired through international remittances depicts high levels of unethical conduct.  The scope of unethical conduct also narrows down to the healthcare institution and medical practitioners since they are ethically responsible for charging a reasonable and fair fee to the patients (Walter & Urkidi, 2017).

Question Two Healthcare responsibility among the Latin American people is a basic human right for people as enshrined in the constitution. Therefore, the federal and state governments are entitled to offer healthcare services to all citizens. If the government do not have the required resources in terms of infrastructures or manpower, it should seek intervention from international organizations to lend them the help they need. Ironically, most of the Latin American does not get these services. It is, therefore, paramount to have such provisions in mind while undertaking humanitarian assistance in such a………………..

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