Written Assignment Habit Pattern Analysis

Written Assignment Habit Pattern Analysis Name

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The habit/pattern analysis process began by creatinga list television shows that I watch in one week. The list consisted of my favorite television shows from different television networks and their weekly schedule. The list was created after collecting both primary and secondary data. The research on different television shows began with the collection of primary data through observations. Thereafter, a diary of the television shows was created from the observations. The primary data collected through the observations was aimed at providing both quantitative and qualitative data. Observations are a reliable source of primary data if conducted effectively (Vogt, 2010).

The data gathered through the observations was complemented with data gathered from secondary sources. The sources of the secondary data included the internet, magazines, newspapers and television shows databases. The internet has lots of credible information about smartphones and their markets. A simple web search provided many links to different television shows, their networks, dates and time. For instance, tv.com website was essential in providing details about different shows. Additionally, television shows databases provided similar information as websites, but they had more detailed data which was classified strategically. Another secondary source of data that was used to provide vital
information concerning television shows included newspapers and magazines. Some magazines presented a deep insight into different television shows (Vogt, 2010).

 TV Show Time Network Night
Law & Order: SVU 9 PM NBC Wednesday
The First 48 9 PM A&E Thursday
CSI 10 PM CBS Sunday
Blue Bloods 10 PM CBS Friday
True Detective 10 PM HBO Sunday
Big Bang Theory 8 PM CBS Thursday
Family Guy 10 PM FOX Sunday
Walking Dead 9 PM AMC Sunday
Criminal Minds 9 PM CBS Wednesday

My favorite television shows include the “Big
Bang Theory”, “True Detective”, and the “Criminal Minds”. The Big Bang Theory is a very popular television show that was developed and produced by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. The two producers are the executive
producers of the show as well as its head writers. The Big Bang Theory show
first featured in September, 2007 and its current season is season 8 that premiered
in September, 2014. The show mainly focuses on five people living in Pasadena,
California. Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter are
physicists and roommates. Another star
in the show Penny, a waitress and an aspiring actress later a
pharmaceutical representative lives across the hall. Leonard and Sheldon are
co-workers and friends with Howard
Wolowitz.  Wolowitz
is an aerospace engineer who complements the roles of his two friends and
coworkers. The fifth star of the show is Raj Koothrappali, an astrophysicist . The four stars of the show have a
different character from Penny who has social skills unlike the four intellects
who are geeky in nature (Erickson, 2014).

Some of the characters
in the Big Bang Theory television show advance to starring roles in the show.
For example, Bernadette Rostenkowski, the girlfriend of
Howard advances into a starring role.  Another example is A.
F. Fowler, formerly
a part-time
waitress working
with Penny and now a microbiologist who earns promotion into the starring role. Penny is another
character that advances to a starring role after working as a waitress before
meeting Sheldon through a dating website. Stuart
Bloom, the
owner of a comic book store also joins the crew in
a starring role (Erickson, 2014).

Minds is police procedural is a CBS network’s police procedural show that started in 2005. Santos (2009) indicates that sensitizing the public
about crime investigations is important. The public can be sensitized about
crime investigations through televisions shows such as Criminal Minds. Specifically,
the show uses Behavioral Analysis
Unit (BAU) to show different
aspects of police profiling. The show has some differences compared to other
profiling shows since it is based on the profiling of criminals. Specifically,
the show is concerned with the unknown subject rather than focus on crime
itself (Dwyer & Fiorillo, 2006).

The Criminal Minds show is produced by The Mark Gordon Company and the CBS Television Studios. Aaron Hotchner, the Chief of the BAU team one of the main characters in the Criminal Minds. Hotchner formerly worked as a prosecutor and was initially working Field Office of the FBI in Seattle. For this reason, Hotchner is portrayed in the show as one of the most experienced BAU agents. However, he is unable to handle both family life and work due to the complexity of his work. As a result of this he is divorced by his wife Haley Brooks in the third season of the show (Dwyer & Fiorillo, 2006).

True Detective is crime drama series produced and written by Nic
Pizzolatto. The True Detective is broadcasted by a premium cable network, HBO in the United States.  Clark (2012) states that mass media such television programs are essential in creating awareness among communities. The first season of the show has 8 episodes. It has five star figures including Michelle
Monaghan, Matthew McConaughey, Michael
Potts, Woody Harrelson, and Tory Kittles. The True Detective show is in its first season but the second season is expected to be released early 2015. Interestingly, the show has promised to introduce new characters, self-contained narratives, cast ensembles, and settings. The first season is staged in Louisiana where it tracks the homicide of a couple of policemen. The second season of True Detective will be staged in California and is expected to attract even more viewers. Pizzolatto had the idea of making the storyline of the True
Detective a novel, but later discovered that it was best suited to be a television show.

From the three television shows, it is evident that many contemporary television shows are based on law and order. Most importantly, the television shows are designed to curb crime in the society. They present current ways of tracking and executing criminals in the society. Detectives in television shows such as True Detective and Criminal Minds represent the modern techniques used by detectives and crime control. Incorporation of technology into different way of performing investigations is evident in most of these television shows. Above all, the television shows are entertaining as well as educative (Haerens, 2011).

Among the major television networks in the United States is the CBS network. The network is popular for its shows including Bing Bang Theory, CSI, Criminal Minds, and Scorpion. CBS Broadcasting Inc. started as a radio broadcasting network before extending to the television network. The company has major production base in New York and Los Angeles. Its slogan “Americas Most Watched
Network” demonstrates its dominance in the television service provision industry. This can be supported by the popularity of the television shows it
brings to its customers.

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