Common Problems of Cancer Care

Common Problems of Cancer Care

Cancer care is the process initiated and treatment procedures to a patient after he has been diagnosed with cancer. It is a deadly disease which when not given proper treatment and attention may lead to death. Ones an individual has been diagnosed with the disease life changes because of the physical, mental and social problems that accompany the illness.

Medical practitioners have to create ways positive enough to make cancer patients comfortable in the society to aid in the medical treatment process. Cancer care is a long process which has side effects on the patients and affects their ability to function normally. Common Problems of Cancer Care

Some of the harmful effects include anaemia, constipation, fatigue, fertility issues in men, pain, and sleeping problems.

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Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause anemia, a condition that makes an individual feel very tired, dizzy and headaches. The treatment methods reduce the number of red blood cells in the body which causes anemia. Anemia caused by this circumstances can be controlled by eating well and drinking enough water and balanced rest. Common Problems of Cancer Care

Cancer care causes constipation where a person has infrequent bowel movements and hard, dry and painful to pass stool. Medicines taken, change in diet, being less active and not drinking enough fluids may lead to constipation. The situation can be solved by eating high fiber foods, drinking enough amount of water and engaging in more physical activities.

Fertility may be affected by cancer medication which affects the rest of an individual’s life. Effect of cancer treatment on productivity depends on the age at the time of diagnosis, type, length of the procedure and other health factors. It is therefore essential to analyze treatment options and choose the one with fewer side effects depending on the time of administration. Common Problems of Cancer Care

A lot of pain is also experienced during the treatment process which may suppress the immune system and increase the time taken to heal. Sleep is essential in cancer patients for their physical and mental health. Pain interferes with the amount of sleep cancer patients get which weakens their immune systems even more. To help reduce pain experienced by cancer patients a pain control plan has to be developed based on a patient’s description of the pain. Solving these problems in cancer care will be a positive step towards the provision of better and efficient cancer treatment.

Common Problems of Cancer Care

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