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Coursework Writing

What are the strengths of using social media in healthcare?

Social media is a computerized technology that helps in the creation and sharing of information via virtual communities. It has assisted in the passing of information first and efficiently over a large geographical area without having to travel all the way. Social media platforms also create opportunities for online forums to discuss specific challenges, share different ideas and come up with practical solutions. Views from different parts of the world are brought together to form one important and unique ideology essential for great developmental step in the society. Social media has led to a substantial positive impact in the field of healthcare in several sectors. Overall, it has led to the development of healthcare services to become more efficient. Social media helps healthcare industry mostly to raise awareness about a disease outbreak in the community, building a brand authority and during changes in the medical centers.

In the case of a public health crisis, social media is an essential tool to help notify the public about the danger at hand and how they should handle themselves. In the present world, the number of people in contact with social media platforms is high which enables the message to reach millions of individuals in a short while. All the information about a disease, its causes, effects, and prevention measures are timely communicated before a good number of the population is infected. Use of social media is less costly than physical movement and communication since medical, professionals can talk with a large mass of people without traveling to  meet them in person.

Advantages and disadvantages of Social Media in healthcare

Establishing brand authority has also been made easier through the use of social media. The methods by which patients seek medical attention have advanced from physical visits to the medical centers to online treatment. It has helped in reducing population pressure in healthcare provision centers since most patients are taken care of from the comfort of their homes.

A patient contacts a medical practitioner or a health care facility, explain the problem he is going through and the signs and symptoms he is experiencing. A diagnosis is made according to the outlined characteristics of the diseases and then the patient advice on the appropriate medication to acquire from the nearest pharmacy.

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What are the strengths of using social media in healthcare?

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